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  1. Hey, 

    I download the torrent file but i cant open it. How on earth am i going to install it. I have watched the guys video 9000 times but I don't have the same thing as him.

    1. Milli


      How so? Make sure you get the base game and only then download Platinum and the update patch.

  2. Heyho Milli,

    sometimes I find cars like this on the added picture.
    Could you give me a complete list with some data / readme files about this and others cars, please?
    Well,  I need the datas for the overview like you know from my website.

    Would be really great and appreciated. 😉

    TestDriveUnlimited 2020-04-11 23-47-25-80.jpg

    1. Milli


      Cars in Platinum that are not anywhere else are mostly the S2000 tune variants and the NSX Type S Zero and it's Rocket Bunny kit (which is unfinished), the rest, i suppose you have them all. Lol

  3. dear Milli  thank i used the modding tools of djey to make all the bots be temeraire_mauvais which is the most difficult behaviour and since then when i go to a race the bots dont appear but only 1 name appears PasdansleDVD which i think means that the tdu dont use temeraire_mauvais bots to race them but use easier bots .so please help me how can i make the tdu to let me race the temeraire_mauvais bots in the races like the tour of the island

    i ll be very gratefull for your help 

    1. Milli


      I tried the same thing ages ago. Happens that TDU needs bots that are worse, for begginer races. If you remove them, the game will glitch like that. 

      TDU Bot configuration is extremelly unkown and kinda random to me. My advise? Always drive a slower car. I did the tour of the island with the C-class v-rent Corvette C6 Grand Sport. 

  4. Finally got around to creating an account. Yay for that! 😀

    1. Milli


      Do you realize you just made a post on your own profile, that's not really displayed in the main forums, right? Lol 

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  5. Remember that time we had a photo of Baldy on the toilet as our site banner...?   

    1. Milli


      I was around already? I don't quite remember such event. Lol

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