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  1. 22 hours ago, MagicV8 said:

    I don't know why, but actually I have a small problem here.

    In the past I could choose in TDUFs "Camera and IKs" also cameras by Milli, like several Subarus.
    Now I am missing all these entrys, I just got thousands of "New Camera Set (...)". 😲
    What I am doing wrong at once?

    Any help is very appreciated, thank you!

    PS: Copied Millis database files over, also tried TDUF 1.12 and 1.13

    That's just the missing library. The game still works, but the name is missing. Later i send you.

  2. 16 hours ago, SebaWolf said:

    Thank you for the reply and keeping this alive, The only issue that I am experiencing at the moment is the fuel in the launcher. I choose to have the fuel enable on gamplay option in paradise and is not working at all.

    I do not know if this is something regarding specific vehicles or maybe I am missing something to enable it? I found some videos on youtube that they show how they work, but so far on my end nothing is showing up as soon I start to hop in in the car.


    Should I download a specific mod to get this working or do you have any ideas what will be the problem?


    Thank you for your inputs and help!

    The fuel mod is part of the Project Paradise, i don't know how to help, as i don't use fuel mod myself.

    8 hours ago, Laconda said:

    Thank you very much, thats helps!

    Another question:

    What exactly does the handling-values mean? Also in the original, a lot of the cars with good handling are a lot harder to "handle" than the ones without. Is it about stearing, reaction, precision, I dont know?

    In general, how fast it can corner, but the handling bar is a bit iffy, as the value displayed is just a value that you can set. But it's not easy-hard, that's for sure... 

    6 minutes ago, zisk said:

    Hi, recently i've been trying to move the Audi Sport quattro from G to E class using TDUF. After doing this i start a race without class restrictions using a g class car or another car that has a rarity below 1, and then the games crashes. 

    For instance i've tried to move the Shelby 427 to D class, after setting the Audi Sport back to G class, and tried the same race as before, but in this case the game worked.

    The race i used as benchmark is "A little challenge" which spawns F and E class cars as bots, so i thought the problem was a bot using the Audi. After changing the car of the bot with the audi sport, i've tried once again the same race, thus resulting in another ctd.

     I don't have any idea of what is causing this problem and i'd apreciate so much if someone could give me some help..


    Neither do i. I can't really help much if you start to modify the game. Many things can cause TDU to crash out, so it is hard to pin point exactly what could it be.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Laconda said:


    I dont know if this has already been answered, but do the different rims have an effect on performance?

    And second question: it seems that buying one tuning after another (level 1, then 2, then 3) seems to have another effect sometimes then if I would buy tune level 3 directly. Is this true? And how can I predict if this is the case? Is there a hint in-game? Is it only when the cars look different in the tuning-preview? Or maybe there is a list of possible tuning variations for each car?




    Different rims have no performance change at all. They're just visual. 

    And tuning in Platinum works this way, some cars have 1-step tuning, and some have 2-step. What that means? 

    1-step tuning : Regular tuning level, stage 1, 2 and 3, like for example, Ferrari F355. It has a 1-step tuning. 

    2-step tuning: It's when there is a model change, body change, version change or class change. Sometimes even roof on-off (Honda S2000), is classified as a 2-step. It works this way, first you choose the model/body/version you want (Usually stage 1), and then you can re-tune it, to stage 3.  To notice a 2-step tuning, just notice the car flick when you change between tuning stages in the tuning shop. If the car disappears, and appears again, it means something is changed, even though the outside might be similar. Sometimes it's an engine swap, sometimes it's a small detail... 

    But appart from those specific 2-step tuning, get stage 1, 2 and then 3 makes no difference at all. You can usually jump straight to 3, unless it's a 2-step tuning kit.  Confusing, yes, but that's the way i found to have more variety without overload the database. Lol

  4. 8 hours ago, SebaWolf said:

    This mod is insane and I am really enjoying long hours in the island...my question is regarding the random cars on the dealerships throughout the island.... Are new cars changing or only the status to buy or not in stock? 


    I do not know if it is a bug, but overall is an awesome job and congrats to @Milli for taking the time and making this happen.


    Thank you! 

    That was a feature TDU used for G class cars, i tried to keep it that way. Their availability changes from car to car, according to their rarity. 1 being always available. DB4 Zagato, which is very rare, has a rarity of 0.2. But a Mitsubishi Starion, has a rarity of 0.8. So you're more likely to find a Starion available more often. 

    As Djey said, their location doesn't change at all, just the availability, and when a car pops available, it will have a random spec assigned for that car, so, rims and colors might be different than you expected.  Regarding to colors, you can always use the 3 factory paint shop across the map, one in the city, one near Triumph bike dealer and another near Saleen-Hennessey-Shelby dealer. But the rims, you need to wait it to be available with a set of rims you like. Lol 

  5. 4 hours ago, TDUZoqqer said:

    I messed up my streaming resolution though lmao. only realized it later. will fix it for the next stream, idk when i will stream next, probably sunday

    Lol, happens. Although where i am at with my Lotus is way behind. Although, something i saw you doing got me curious, you added a .2db inside the bnk? I mean, this probably will sound really amateur to you, but the Esprit doesn't have many .2db itself, and as far as i know, we're limited to the amount of .2db of the donor car.

  6. 4 hours ago, RsZ28 said:

    I was wondering. Is there a way to REALLY add a color? I mean, all the colors seems to use colors that have a certain name/code: B_01, B_02, etc... For exemple, you've shown a color named Akoya Silver Metallic and it use bm_18.

    But what if I want to add a color that isn't coded in yet, like let say I want to add Panther Pink/Moulin Rouge, and I don't find an equivalent in all the colors that exist and that you've shown in the palette, can I add that color to the palette using R,G,B value, or the hue, saturation and brightness values to the database?

    I'm asking 'cuz I looked at that part of the Database with TDUF and I don't seems to see any values like this, only the "codes" that I refered to in in my first phrase.

    Currently you can't add more colors other than these ones that already exist. Mostly because a color takes more than just a rgb scale. It has the finish, different shades and so on. That's why custom color shop can't replicate some colors with accuracy.  And as Djey said, the colors are in another file, such as Colors.2dm, which is a material file. 


    So, at the moment, no Moulin Rouge. Sadly.

  7. 3 hours ago, dragster666 said:

    Is there any possibility in the future for  new  garages?   Not sure  if any  garages  from tdu 2  or warehouses   from the forza series   could be  ported  into tdu? or  maybe some  custom made  garage's that can  store  1000+ cars? Ok that would be  an overkill lol. 😅  Always  wondered  about  this  but  i don't think that it's possible.


    There is a way to do it. In theory, you could change all the garages to a 10-car garage. Problem is, you'll ruin the game variety by doing that. Every garage will look similar, which is a bit lame, in my opinion. I managed to increase the apartament garages, since they were basically the same for 4 or 8. So, all apartaments (but the first one), have 8 slots. 

  8. 4 hours ago, jamespowell07 said:

    Can anyone help me? I'm experiencing fps drops of 30-40. Sometimes, I would get 100 fps but all of a sudden, it will drop down to 60 or 70 fps. I tried applying the 4GB patch and my ram usage is about 1700 MB. My specs: 1080TI, i7-8700K, 2x8GB RAM. I followed the instructions and applied all the fixes including the patch update.

    TDU is not supposed to run over 60fps anyways. You will experience different glitches. Enable v-sync to lock it to 60fps.

  9. 3 hours ago, scr89 said:


    I had this issue: I bought an Volskwagen Beetle ( The classic one) in order to get the Karmann Ghia in the tunning shop, but when i enter in the shop, the game says that this shot isn't te one for my vehicule. But early in the game I bought a Mk5 GTI and transformed it into an R32, so that was really the VW tunning shop, but no longer. 

    So, can I do something with the TDUPE tools for solving this problem?? 

    Unless you changed something, that shouldn't happen. You should use TDUF, not TDUPE. 

  10. 2 hours ago, dragster666 said:

    IMO  the  Caddie    Cien   should return   as a   tuning  option  for the Caddie   XLR.  Yeah i know it  sounds  quite  absurd   but  hell there's  a    tuning  option  for the 996  GT3  that turns it into the street legal  996 GT1 .

    They both are a "996" Porsche. Now, a Cien is just a stand-alone concept. It has some logic behind the Porsches. lol

    Edit: Not to mention, that everyone has the tools, and is able to modify the game. What made me do Platinum is being tired to request stuff to be the way i wanted, so i started to make it myself. If i could do it, anyone can, if that's something you really want.

  11. 5 hours ago, Silver400 said:


    I have problem with Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker, after Mopar 3 stage tuning (862bhp). When I use automatic gearbox car have big problem with change gear 2 for 3. Usually gearbox change gear a few times between 2-3 before finaly 3th is realy use. I think the second gear is to short relative to third gear. 

    I watched this problem in HC mode and in normal version, other with Challenger family, after strong tuning also have this problem but not so strong. 

    I very like this car, but drive always whit manual transition, in this 800+bhp monster is truly hard and tiresome. 

    Can u fix this in next 1.13 patch? I looking forward 😉

    PS. I love Platinum version and admire your hard work 

    4 hours ago, africolombiano said:

    I had the same problem. I  copied the files from the 4gb Executables and that solved the problem...

    That's weird. I'd say that happens because automatic gear is a bit dumb, an it shifts when the car is spinning it's tire, but it's still too soon to shift. Also, it's a 800+hp RWD V8, it is meant to be hard to drive. If you want to drive something easy, don't tune it. Lol


    44 minutes ago, fatal said:

    Hey, Milli, does the new update will contain the new (2017, mk3) Focus RS? 🙂



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