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  1. 16 hours ago, pogostickio said:

    Hello from Pogorobo,

    Today I found this Platinum mod and managed to get it working on an existing profile.  I love it.  BIG THANKS to all the people that made it happen.  I never uninstalled TDU1 after more than ten years playing this wonderful game and now it's so much better.  Using the new mod has fixed a few things such as the wrong ride height / camera views on modded cars that I couldn't get right, and all of the town/place names that appear in white at the upper right corner no longer has broken/unreadable text.  I sold every car except the Alfa Romeo GT, which put over $6 million in the bank, so I've spent quite a few hours buying cars, tuning a few and I really enjoyed cruising around Oahu.  

    I also fixed a Logitech G25 H-Shifter which had four out of six screws missing on the two metal plates either side of the shifting pole so it wasn't firmly held in place.  For months it has been dropping gears and registering the wrong gear.  Now I don't have to use sequential or automatic gears.  This makes a huge difference because in my opinion manually shifting gears in TDU1 is the only way to drive.

    Does anyone know why moving the mouse to change the view around the car would stop working?  My game has been like this for a couple of years at least.  I can't re-install the game because my DVD finally stopped working after having a crack for years in the centre clear ring.  Now I can only use my existing installation which I backed up as an almost 8gb copy before installing the Platinum mod.

    It's our pleasure! And sorry, but i don't know about the mouse problem. Maybe it's down to mouse drivers or assign it in the game menus?

    11 hours ago, Baykuin said:

    Hey there, i have weird problem? When i open a map and try to open dealers near airport, i have never ending "Loading... Please Wait...", game is not frozen, because still i can exit from main menu, using mouse, i try to full reinstall couple of times with nothing, also, i have same problem with map, half map is not loaded and me and ai cars are fall down in space.

    That seems like missing "Area" folders.  But i don't know, never seen such issue.

    4 hours ago, 3DNations said:

    Thanks for responding. It was a mistake in my part for not seeing one I had originally found. But may I ask you could bring back the Merielargo Roadster please. It was a favorite of mine from the original game. It's fine if not, I would just like more nostalgic cars I've never gotten to use. Keep up the good work though!

    Sorry, but the Murcielago Roadster is not comming back. Original TDU model was horrible made, and with the modded Murcielago Coupe, that difference would be even more visible. 

  2. On 11/28/2019 at 7:34 AM, 3DNations said:

    Missing top model mission.

    I found "all" the top model missions and did them but one of which wasn't there. I googled all the spots and one of the 2 at the very top of the map isn't there, I don't know what to do.

    Drive all the roads and you may find the missing ones.

    12 hours ago, klmnpeter said:


    Could you add a Hummer H1 to the mod?
    I know there was a HUMVEE out there too. I tried it out back then, when I was an active gamer. Maybe I still have the file somewhere...

    Here's an H1 for example:

    I know you have a lot of request, but it would be so cool...

    Thank You!

    Sorry but no.

  3. 22 hours ago, Dlc98 said:

    For some reason, all the cars are invisible for me, including the rentals

    Have you enabled bigbnk in the launcher?

    3 hours ago, ZG264 said:

    I'm not sure if this relates to Platinum or is a base TDU game issue, but i've been noticing strange results after tuning some of my cars.

    For example my C-class Porsche Cayman 718 S (found in the Porsche shop in the North of the island iirc) has a reported default top speed of 246 and after tuning that becomes 276 but i just can't seem to get it to hit even 200! 6th gear slowly advances the speed from around 180, but even after searching out some long straights in the west of the island it stuggles to hit 200 either default or after being tuned?

    I have this issue on a few cars also (not all) where the reported speeds don't match the in-game speed the vehicle hits.

    Is this a case of some kind of mod issue in relation to gear ratio's perhaps being set up wrong to take into account the tuning?

    I did a little experiment and took my humble Alpha Brera apart in TDUF and adjusted the level 3 tuning characteristics to give it a bit more acceleration (5.5 instead of 6.0 in 0-60) and top end (it tops out at 191 instead of 184 now) and in game, with enough straight road i can reach those new limits. So why do some cars not seem to be able to do so? Anyone else notice this?

    Some cars have what we call "overdrive gear". They're meant to save fuel, instead of going fast.  It's common in modern vehicles that have 7 and 8 gears, and usually american cars.  A real Corvette Z06 hits 200mph in 5th, as soon as you shift to 6th, it will lose speed. 

    About tuning, changing the 0-60 time in TDUF, at the tuning part won't make any difference, but give you a placebo effect. Those values are not related to actual tuning and are there just to fill the "Data" sheetboard of the game.  What would really increase the vehicle acceleration in tuning is the Aftermarket Packs, where you increase the % of the vehicle physics data.  So, if a car has an acceleration value of 80, and the aftermarket pack says the acceleration is 4, it will increase 4% of 80.   regardless of the value set in 0-60.

  4. 15 minutes ago, africolombiano said:

    Hi Milli. I downloaded the files but when I try to extract the two big files it says the files are corrupted. Can you upload them again please..... And by the way, I am having so much fun with Platinum, my internet is not very good so unfortunately I can't play online, but I am enjoying it very much...

    The 2 big files are automatically extracted when you extract the small one.  If it doesn't work still, try to re-download.   

    Edit: If the extracted folder from the smaller zip is 268mb of size, it worked. That's the whole size of the update.

  5. 13 hours ago, TDU Iceman said:

    1.) No one really uses fuel because the island is lacking stations up north. So, its not possible to get from station to station if you drive the coast.

    2.) Try checking "Vsync" in the Project Paradise Launcher. It sounds like your framerate is uncapped; that causes all sorts of traffic problems. You need it capped at 60, checking "Vsync" should cover it.

    Thanks Padawan. Lol 

    Kids grow so fast these days, i'm proud. 

  6. 20 hours ago, maximo735 said:

    Hi milli (and everyone that can help me)  i really like this mod but i'm having a big issue that it seems no one has it and i can't play this mod

    The thing is that some cars in rental and dealers won't appear visually so i can't buy it. Also as they don't appear in dealers they won't  appear in races neither so i can't  start them forcing me to close the game.

    I can't play this mod and i can't find a solution for this (run as administrator, big.bnk activated) none of the options that were said worked for me.

    This bug really ruins the experience and it's really sad.

    Thanks in advance

    [i'm new to this mod (not the game)]

    Does your root folder have d3d9.dll in it? Seems like your project paradise is not working. Cars not being visible is usually bigbnk not active, but if you're running it from the launcher, and it is "active" there, d3d9.dll might be missing.

  7. 1 hour ago, fan252 said:

    Hello, sorry for offtopic question but does  anybody knows  is there somewhere a patch that fix rubberbanding ai in tdu single player?I saw they slow down an wait for me if i am too far,they also seems to slow down & give up  when im in 1st place far behind them.Also my car has that weird power gain sometimes when i chase, its like normally i can reach 305 km/h but when i chase ai then i can easy go  330.Is it normal?By the way  this is one of the best mods i ever installed .Its like new game.,i luckily discovered it a weak ago.Thank you for this mod author!


    Can't remove the rubberbanding, and about the "chase" speed gain, that's actually "real". It's called drafting.   The car in front breaks the air resistance, so, the car behind doesn't have to, with less air resistance, it can reach higher speeds.

  8. 5 hours ago, AlexJ96 said:

    It's been too long since I last drove through the virtual island of Oahu. It's been at least a couple of months since I last was here.

    Got a new laptop and now I'm downloading Platinum again, and I was wondering if I need to download all of the patches one by one, or if I can just jump to the latest one? Does it include all of the bug fixes and new features of the patches before it?

    One more thing. The new iPhones... I  mean, is it possible to a create an online account now? I didn't get to create one back when GameSpy were still in business, sadly.

    Yes for both questions. Patch 1.10 has all the previous ones included and yes, you can create an online account. 

  9. 1 hour ago, gabojosue said:

    Ok, can you make a topic where you explain how to change or fix the wheels size of any car? Same for the weird gear change...?

    PD: my database is the original Platinum files from rar download, only I changed is Dodge Viper SRT-10 and the Volkswagen 1200 Käfer Sedan (Type-1).

    Please take your time, anyway I don't need to fix this in a hurry... ⌚👍

    Not feeling like it, sorry. And i don't think i really should do it just because you asked. I mean, i learned on my own, by trial and error, experimenting and testing...  If you want, you can wait the tutorial i am making in .pdf, but that won't be released any time soon.

  10. 3 minutes ago, gabojosue said:

    Ok, can you tell me who can help me with this? I really don't know what is happening here...so I want to fix these problems because I really needed to make those changes to this game because I was searching to make tdu mods.

    How much can you help me? Do you know how to solve these errors?


    Yes i do, but it's quite complex to explain over forum posts without images in a very tutorial way. Plus, i don't really know how it's your database to give a veredict. 

  11. 13 minutes ago, SpeedRave said:

    I wanted to give my thanks to you, Milli and the rest of the modders, of course for breathing new fresh air into this game. It's great that you given this already beloved game even more love.

    It's like playing a TDU remake. I found myself playing for hours. Yet, I wanted to ask if there's any way to play that mod online with others?

    Yes. You need to create an online profile though. 

    (marking check the gamespy account, adding any email and any password when creating a new profile)

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