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  1. 1 hour ago, Mlg said:

    Guys i have installed the mod and placed it in the tdu folder.Everything was ok i opened it as the videos instructed but as soon as i started driving there was no road,couldn't input anything to drive or so.What should i do pls help!!

    Try to run the game without the mod.  Always make sure the game is runing as it should without it.

  2. 2 hours ago, LonelyDarknesss said:

    Saddly now is full of noobs hackers....Arruining the Driving experience...

    It have always been, to be honest. That's why i drive slow cars anyways. I don't take TDU as a competition, so, i don't mind the 3000hp BMW's. lol 

    2 hours ago, xxLadeiras said:

    Are there any plans of adding more cars to the mod? Like the Supra A90/Mk5, GTR Nismo, the Mclaren 600LT, the Apollo Intensa Emozione, Mazda 3 and the Japanese Kei Cars (Like the Suzuki Capuccino or the Honda S660) or like conversions from other cars: like the Nismo 400R for R33.

    Will you make those mods for us?  And you should look better, because the GT-R Nismo is added.

    1 hour ago, ApexChaser said:

    It kind of annoys me that I can no longer clear many time trials without tuning some of my cars, as if many of the ingame cars had their performance degraded. In the vanilla game it was possible to clear all challenges by just using stock cars. I think this is what Milli meant by the change of car physics.
    On the other hand, this gives me more reason to buy more cars and try them out.

    I've made the performance of the vehicles match their real data. TDU messed up on that on a lot of vehicles, like for example a bone stock R34 doing 0-100 under 4 seconds. Lol  That's unreal.

    Some of the Time Trials i really edited to be harder than usual, such as "The Perfect Driving Line". As the name hints... you gotta hit the perfect driving line in order to complete it with a stock vehicle.

  3. 2 hours ago, Ledfoot said:

    I quite enjoyed running with a handful of folks today. I was driving a yellow 308. It is my all-time favorite exotic - but it is a trifle slow. As Milli surmised, the 308 that I drive is a hybrid. It would have to be to keep up with her 355.

    My driving skills leave a lot to be desired, so I apologize if they offended anyone.

    I would like to know how you guys can race, navigate, avoid traffic, and put text messages on my screen, all at the same time. It boggles the mind of this old dude. Perhaps the game converts speech to text, (if one happens to be using a mic), but nowhere have I found any confirmation of this. Would someone elucidate? Maybe I should invest in a combo headset.

    Thanks for the fun, and slowing down for me sometimes.

    Haha no problem Led, you haven't annoyed anyone. And no, TDU doesn't convert speech to text. So, we were typing indeed.  It's a matter of practice, but even so, mistakes are more prone to happen while you text.   But as far as i know, TDU does support microphone. You just need to enable it in the menus.

    And i guess you'd enjoy to check this out: 


  4. 2 hours ago, Hels said:

    I can only see one thing that doesn't satisfy me properly, that is that I almost don't hear the sound of my own motor in the cockpit view and however, I hear pretty much the sound of the motor of other cars. Any way to solve this?

    Yes, by remaking and equalizing all the sound mods.  Some vehicles are louder than others, and there is nothing much that we can do about, other than doing what i just said.

  5. 6 hours ago, RsZ28 said:

    The car is a Ford, so it should work. The problem I had, is when I did the perf. pack, it somehow turned all of the car's data that I had added back to TDU Custom car 1. Which I don't get. Do I have to create entries in the database for each level of the pack I make?

    Depends. Each "Aftermarket pack" works in a % increase. So, if you need to make a car have 3 different tunes, then yes, you need at least 3 different packs for it.  Or you can use one that's already existant.  And then assign 3 packs for 1 car. 

    Like i said, it's not complicated if you take a look at it. But explain bits of database editing, without know what you're actually doing is really complex, which is why i don't go around teaching people how to do it, because i have no clue about what you're actually doing, what you are editing, and which part of the database you're on about.

  6. On 5/30/2019 at 11:04 PM, RsZ28 said:

    Hello. So, I was able to get the car I wanted to get in TDU Platinum, and it went fine, had to try and try and try and well, I did it. However, my car has no performance pack and therefore can't be upgraded. BUT I want to be able to upgrade it, so I need a performance pack. Therefore, I thought I'd make it myself. But I dunno how. So, is there some tutorial(s) on how to make such thing and then how to add it with TDUF?

    Thx for the answer.

    If you take a look on TDUF, how i made it for other vehicles, you might get a clue on how to actually do it. It is really not complex to do, just needs attention. 

    And no, there is no tutorial for that.  But i tell you before hand, if the car you added is from a different brand than the ones already tunable in the game, it won't work, because TDU has a limit of 8 brands per tune-shop, and that limit is already reached.

  7. 5 hours ago, KemonoGamer75 said:

    Porsche 944 Turbo have a texture bug in the interior, please fix it.


    1 hour ago, McLarren said:

    So, I've been trying multiple times to get this mod to work with my "vanilla" game, but it seems like some/most cars won't load, and scrolling through rims the game freezes and exits automaticly. Has anyone else had this issue?

    I'm running patch MC 1.66 A, and no I do not have megapack.

    I've been looking at how to install video in the original post here, but still won't seem to work. Do I really need to find somewhere to get the megapack, or am I missing a patch somewhere? 1.68 maybe? Also I have not really tried the mod patches yet, got the 1.7 laying around somewhere, but it did not seem to fix my problem.


    In advance, thanks. 🙂


    - McLarren92

    Follow the video in the first post in this thread.  If you don't do exactly as said there, if you deleted your d3d9.dll, if you do not run it via Project Paradise Launcher, you won't ever be able to play Platinum. 

  8. 16 hours ago, Ledfoot said:

    In December 2006 I treated myself to a new rig - a Striker Extreme MB with a 6800 CPU and dual 8800GTX cards in SLi connected to three monitors via a TripleHead2Go. I very much enjoyed TDU at 3840x1080 rez, always playing offline.

    During family gatherings, as a fun activity, we would take turns to see who among us could rack up the most expensive ticket - I think the largest was around $250,000.00.

    Later I was a beta-tester for TDU2. It had some features that I really liked. But over the years I would always come back to play on TDU more often than on TDU2. There's something about it.

    During these years, I accumulated a very large collection of car mods for both games. Only a handful were not included in Platinum.

    Recently I bequeathed the rig to my son, opting to make do with a Gazelle laptop and Intel 4000 graphics. I continued to play these games but the frame-rate was a trifle lower.

    I waited eagerly for the appearance of both UCP and Platinum. That was a wait well worthwhile! I am now seventy-eight years young and I play TDU Platinum online with the Hawaiian Bliss environment, along with multiple profiles, and multiple custom license plates, both of which are choices in a batch file I use to start the game. TDU is now a fantastically enjoyable game thanks to all of your tireless effort and modifications. It is remarkable what your mod has done for a 13-year-old game.

    Sorry for being 'wordy', Milli.

    I just wanted to say, 'Thank You!'


    Nothing to be sorry about. 😉  I am really glad, and flattered that Platinum can do such thing, bring these memories and stories.  And, the pleasure is mine. 

  9. 22 hours ago, Diablo said:

    I meant the story, it didn't end

    and yes Shingeki is good one, season 4 is suppose gonna end all

    btw I have the physical manga

    Ah yes, i misread it.  And yeah, Shingeki is great, i can't wait for season 4... but how long will that take? Lol  And physical manga of which one? Shingeki or Evangelion? 

    On topic though: Found out that the real ending of the anime series is a movie  named "The End of Evangelion".  Seen it, and one word... disappointment. Lol 

  10. So, just watched the season 1, from 1997. I heard and it seems really plausible, that the last 2 episodes of the anime are fillers and not really the end of it at all. 

    What i should watch next in order to connect the dots, because so far, it just left me with a bunch of questions. Lol 

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