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  1. I'd just like to say this but i (my dad actually) owns a real audi TT RS and i have to say the low RPM sound are fairly good, but im afraid the high RPM sounds dont sound very real. I have sampled our car by the way and this has reminded me that i need to use them to make a TDU2 one XD. So i guess we can compare :P. P.S it would be a great help if viper could lend me some of those samples (particularly the off ones) because i dont really have very good off samples.
  2. Its ok but you really need to sort out the transitions. If you want to ill do some work on them for you, cos they sound like pretty good samples
  3. very nice GPS mod. But your computer is lagging ALOT, maybe you should turn some details down?
  4. hahahahahahah hadnt thought of it like that XD
  5. I was flicking through the files of TDU2, gonna put some of my own music in there. and i was looking at the "ambient" songs, and i noticed eden games had given the used car dealership ambient music an interesting name. If this was a little "easter egg" thing then maybe it means that your main TDU2 character has connections with the black market, this may explain why the police get so easily pissed off with you???? :D
  6. This is my first TDU2 sound mod, the sounds are from need for speed shift 2. And im very pleased with this mod, i think it sounds really good especially around 6-8 thousand RPM. Hope you enjoy the video :) Download: mp4_12c_high.bnk
  7. I like it, thats very good for your first sound. Much better than the standard sounds :)
  8. Could you release a slightly updated version that is higher pitched, more like this
  9. number 2 for me, but to be brutally honest none of them sound hugely different from the TDU2 ones, But having said that they are all better then the standard sounds. the car that i would suggest doing a sound mod for is the audi TTRS.
  10. Yeh well ive been talking to reventon and he has no idea why this is happening to me, because it seems that what i should do is just click run game, but when i try that the game crashes instantly. So as im posting this im un-installing and re-installing TDU2.
  11. Sorry djey but im so confused i dont even think i need the texmod thing but i dont know??? all i want to know is what ive said in the post above
  12. yes ive read the instructions and everything all i want to do it make TDU2 use the un-binned files that ive modded, cos i made a seperate thread asking for help with this question, and Baddtraxx said i needed the universal launcher. This is the problem im getting, i probablly seem like a complete idiot to you but i just cant work out how to fix this Ive got to the point where ive installed mods and stuff but i cant figure out how to get them to work. heres what ive done so far. 1. Ive unpacked TDU with the QuickBMS thing 2. ive downloaded a BNK file from TDUCentral 3. I replace the old BNK file with the one i downloaded 4. How do i now get the game to use the modded files, because at the moment it jut tries to re-download the standard files instead of using the Bnk folder that the QuickBMS unpack created. Do i need to repack the files into the .big and .map files that the normal TDU2 uses???
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