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  1. @RobikV3 you can get them in the US. You have to order them, most online retailers have them. Normal carriers don't keep them in stores. I had an SE Xperia Arc S, which was replaced by my current Z3 Compact. The Arc S went through hell and back and works great. Wish I could say the same about the Z3. Specs are way better but build quality is worse. Not sure if the next phone will be a Sony or if I'll go back to Apple. I love Sony's aesthetics.
  2. If either of you are interested in purchasing, let me know! Having to do all the maintenance the past few owners never did sucks. Kind of at a crossroads as to whether I should keep or sell. A few Italian beauties I saw in Chicago last weekend:
  3. Quick snap of an ///M Clown Shoe I parked next to: http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/imagejpeg_0.jpg
  4. Love that song :msuh3: Wanted to use a heart emoji but looks like we don't have one :( A few that I've been listening to: Sigala - Give me your love Mr. Belt & Wezol, Freejak - Somebody To Love
  5. Damn... I was hoping the Rolls SUV would be Suburban/Escalade ESV sized, or even bigger. I guess I was expecting it to be stupid large since the Phantom is so much larger than the other big luxo-sedans.
  6. If that was the next generation Monaro... :drool: It actually looks a lot like an A5 from the front.
  7. This 100%. Just got to get over the shy-ness wall, which I know is difficult from experience. Just put yourself out there! :)
  8. Very true.I just wanted a color to stick out from the sea of silver, black and grey cars.
  9. * Thanks! Le Mans Blue was one of my top color choices. After owning a black car I swore I'd never own one. They look amazing right after a wash, but show dirt the next day! I really wanted an E46, but in the future I may need four doors, so I ended up with the E39 :)
  10. It's an M5 :) Haven't looked into the Vanos yet. Right now the car seems fine mechanically. It needs a bunch of small cosmetic things and a few lights on the dash addressed. Oh and tires. Hoping once everything is fixed it will be a great car! This picture was as soon as I got it back in September, I have washed it since then! Come spring I'll have to see how to restore the black trim, then clay bar and wax :)
  11. Got this back in September. Latest purchase would be a clutch and brakes for it. http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0011_2.jpg
  12. Been a while since I've posted. Some pics of my car all cleaned up: http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0030_1.jpg http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0033_1.jpg
  13. So... That V70R. The owner said he'd do $19.5k USD. But I still feel that's too high. At that price I could get a really nice E39 M5... I should probably make a new thread asking people how I should spend my money on my next car purchase instead of bumping this one :lol:
  14. My pleb pictures: http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0450.jpg http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/killalldude/DSC_0381.jpg
  15. 2006 Volvo V70R, 6-speed manual Atacama, like new 47K Miles If the ad goes: $22,500 2006 Volvo V70R 6 speed manual 47k miles Red/Atacama Curious as to what your opinions are! :)
  16. Where can you find them for less than $400? Most of them still seem to be in the low-mid $400 range.
  17. I guess it's close enough to your old Evo :cheeky:
  18. Ugh, this one that has stumped me too. I've always liked this generation Quattroporte. I could afford one, but not the running costs and constant fear of the thing breaking down. Still, great value. Cheap for late model low mileage Italian exotic.
  19. Just because you can't make a prediction doesn't mean you can't be wary. Andai made this statement already. As I mentioned in my earlier post, it doesn't matter who is doing the shooting, innocent people are still being killed. I understand those facts are true, and have probably been true since WW2. But are you telling me that people who live in Europe aren't worried about future attacks? I think my first post came off as too black and white. But since the conversation has started, I'm rolling with it. Safety is a concern, but it isn't the primary reason why I'm choosing to stay in the US over moving to Germany. Right now, I'd rather stay in the States since I'd have to go searching for a needle in a haystack to find a similar career in Europe, most likely with less opportunity for advancement.
  20. This is true. But the (more recent) mass shootings here are by stupid/psycho Americans themselves, not people from abroad. I suppose it doesn't make a difference since innocent people are dying either way. Geographically, Europe is closer to parts of the world in turmoil now, and because of its location, it's an easier target. Since our world sucks, I wouldn't be surprised if such incidents increase in the future.
  21. I'd love to live in Germany for a few years. I did a summer semester abroad there in 2015. Absolutely loved it. Not sure if I could settle down there as I'm a spoiled American, and the opportunities here (career wise) are likely higher. And safety in Europe seems to be a concern now.
  22. The type of person who doesn't care about being .498662 of a second faster to 60. This new Panamera does look better than the older one, but the Rapide is just gorgeous. Who would take a 4,500 lb sedan to the track? If you can afford a Rapide, it's probably your 3rd or 4th car in the stable and not being used to double as your sports car and family car. The Panamera is for someone who cares more about performance than style, or can't have both a sedan and sports car for whatever reason.
  23. Really? There was so much hype for Skylake, I figured it was far better than the generation it replaced. I plan on keeping this first gen i7 for a little longer and just upgrade the GPU. I'm overdue for a new graphics card. I just have a bad feeling that by the time the 1070's are closer to their MSRP, AMD will be just around the corner with an update on it's Vega graphics cards. It's funny thinking back, just under a month ago I was about to buy a GTX 970. Glad I waited.
  24. So, anyone know where to get a 1070 without markup? :lol: I've since overclocked my i7 920 to 4.0 GHz and everything is running fine. CPU usage for GTA:V seems to jump between 40-80%, latter usually when loading cutscenes or spawning in new locations. Normal gameplay is generally around 40-60%.
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