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  1. What do u think russian car industry is about.. THis mod is quite realistic... Zik[55RUS] No offence man.. Nice mod...
  2. Yeah.. I replaced My Zonda Roadster with the one Tool created, and now it feels so slow.. Don't know what it could be..
  3. I run Windows 7 64 bit on my PC and got no problems at all.. And I didn't had to download any patches.. Good luck...
  4. For me the best car for drifting is TVR T440R and Dodge Viper SRT 10.. Third gear all the way... Dude, you can allways replace this car with something else.. Like me, I replaced it with Nissan Skyline R33 (tuned) and now I got great performance AND look...:)
  5. Yeah, you're right :).. Does the folder with editor has to be placed with the Atari files or can I just leave it on dekstop? And how do I replace the car I've just perdormansed? Example: The only thing u have to do to make a modded car from here work is to unzip and replace the file with the original one.. I have no idea how it works, so I needed some help.
  6. Hi guys:).. I love this site alot and download alot of modded cars here and its awesome.. And now I got interested in performance iditing in TDU. I have downloaded TDU Modding Tools and TDUeditor, but have no idea where to isntall them or how to use them.. I tried this link http://syfworld.free.fr/tdu/files/Guide-1.11/ , but I got nothing out of it (I'm a n00b when it comes to things like that) So does anyone of you know about a link about how to install it or a video? Thank you for taking your time..
  7. Those roadsters look lovely, but how do I download them.. Those links doesn't work..
  8. Oh man.. Finally I know what to do.. U see, I wasnt sure what I was doing wrong.. Thanks man..
  9. Guys.. Just a question.. Whats the best options to drift in TDU? Should I have my Driving-Aid off or, what about steering-sensitivity? I practise alot in hardcore mode with Driving-Aid off, and I still suck.. Please help..
  10. Thank u man.. I've been searching all over internet to find it out...
  11. It may be a wrong thread, but I¨ll go ahead and ask anyway.. Man, do you know how to replace the songs in TDU with your own?
  12. Guys, does anyone of you know a mod that replaces TVR T440R? The performanses of this car is great, but man this car is ugly...
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