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  1. Yeah it must just be something my end then, dunno what tho. It's when i try selecting the 308 my game crashes, i dont even get a chance to think about taking it for a test drive. Thing is i've been playing pretty much all day and not a single other car has caused a crash, it's just the 308. Which is fine i suppose, i've still got, what, 879 other cars to play with? So long as it's just the one car i'll probably just ignore it. Hopefully the race that doesn't work is an isolated case as well, i live in hope!
  2. Just reinstalled everything with 1.66A and megapack this time and the 308 still crashes my game. Nevermind, it was a good idea. I'm just worried its gonna be something on my end but i cant think what
  3. Fresh Install yes, patch and Megapack no. Been years since i modded TDU and i totally forgot about that stuff. I'll reinstall everything with the patch and megapack, hopefully that'll fix the issue
  4. It's in the old Chevy/Saturn Dealer, possibly the exact spot the Saturn Sky was in, not that that matters. Its one of the 3 dealerships you buy your first car from. Whatever my issue is does seem to be specific to the 308 though, i've been playing since i commented eariler and i've had no issues with other cars, in fact it's been working pretty flawlessly besides the 308 and the one race that i cant do.
  5. Really impressive mod from what i've play so far, i am having a few issues i cant seem to solve though: The main issue is the Peugeot 308 always crashes my game in the dealership. I've been trying running the game in compatability modes, reinstalling both the game and mod but that issue still persists. Platinum is so easy to install im not sure what/how i messed something up. Haven't played enough to see if other cars do this, so at this point im not sure if this is an isolated issue. Other issue is that modifying a cars stats with TDUPE results in a crash on startup. Usually id assume that i just couldn't modify stuff with the mod but having that TDUPE is included with Platinum i imagine it should work? Any assistance is greatly appreciated, i'm probably just being a bit of a moron. Cheers! Edit: I've also just found that the Halawai Boulevard race is incompletable for me. I cross the finish line and the win screen appears, however i cannot proceed through it, and am force to close the game
  6. I'd love to get in on some cruises at some point if people have the crew on XBone...?
  7. Not sure when this thread was last updated but I can confirm this. McLaren Mp4-12C, Koenigsegg Agera R and Ferrari LaFerrair to name three off the top of my head. The Pagani Huayra too I think. It should...
  8. I'm guessing that I'm in the minority then as I personally love The Crew. To be clear, I'm not saying it's perfect. The handling is indeed... questionable and the car list is small (Just earlier I bought last car I needed. I now own all the cars and am missing only a few specs of those cars (Yes, I do play the game way more that is logical, before you ask (Yes, I just put a second now third bracket in brackets))) but I personally can't help but love The Crew. The map is well, bafflingly huge, and it has a customisation that I have been longing for since about 2005 (Specifically NFS UG2 and Most Wanted 05). Sure, not all the cars have super in-depth customisation and it's not quite as in-depth as the old NFS', but it is still amazing. And I don't even have any friends to play with (Excluding those odd once-in-a-blue-moon players. Hint hint to any XBone players :wait:) Just thinking of the possibilities when being sociable on a game that is best when played sociably...:omg: So many doors could open... Some advice I would give to new players would simply be: 1) Go into the game with low standards. Remember people, Hype kills. 2) Persevere with the handling. It's not great you can adjust to it so just stick with it guys, you can do it! I think that's everything I wanted to cover... uhh, yeah. About 4/5 years since my last post (I think at least...), How's everyone?
  9. Ok, just blank out what I said. I stopped playing TDU a years or so and deleted (stupidly) most of the mods I had and am now in the process of rebuilding my library of mods (yay -_-). Either way I love that feature and am looking forwards to using more of your mods :)
  10. Well i'm not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for but there is this: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/25471-COMBaT_SHOTGUN-2000-Top-Secret-Nissan-Silvia-S15Update-Ver20-Final-2022012
  11. I don't know if you did it on purpose or if it was a happy accident, but I love how you've made the brake callipers the secondary colour. No longer must I settle for a dull colour, rather I can choose my own. I could even make them pink. Which I won't. Probably. Maybe... Point is that it would be cool if you could do that with all of your mods. :) Keep up the good work!
  12. I've searched through most of my appdata and found a few folders for tdu but none of them have radial.cdb in them. Could that be the cause of my problem?
  13. Hi, I'm having some trouble getting my game to a good moddable state. I played and modded this game a few years ago so I can't figure out why I'm having such a problem. I can remember that there is an order of what to do, I think its: Install Game, Install Megapack, Patch 1.68b and then the Magic Map, but this just results in my game crashing during cut scenes or when I try to buy cars and houses. Anyone able to save me a head-ache or am I just unable to mod my game for some unfathomable reason? Thanks in advance
  14. Well i wouldn't say the rim textures are crappy but eather way good luck with the new textures!
  15. I love this car, it looks sooo cool :) Quick query, on my game, the wheels look slightly tinted green. Is that because i play on the games lowest visual settings or is it just me going mad(And thats more than likely, lol)?
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