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  1. mercedes

    Ruf CTR2

    this is my fav model. Hope fully someone will do it :DDD cheers! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::excited:
  2. :D yay looks clean and clear + rep
  3. + rep good job.The pop up lights with the windows going down..lol epic
  4. sweet :DDD yeah but he cant just put it on any car. File size matters
  5. ninja camel.....haha nice name change!

  6. I'm a sponge that towels are afraid of

  7. haha! What kind of sponge are you then?

  8. Towels fear me!

  9. ohhh. Add a face next time,just a suggestion. :D
  10. hey Mr Spongie you got a towel for my soaked face :D

  11. yeah man work on it alittle. Cant wait
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