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  1. Anybody knows that Zoqqer released Mercedes which is still exist as photo on the his site ?
  2. If somebody can upload all Zoqqer mods... Hello all! Today we know all (unfotunately) that our friend and good modder - TDUZoqqer - ends his adventure with Test Drive Unlimited and took all of his mods (from server) to the grave. We cant agree with that! If somebody can just upload his mods there ! (If not, just please upload them to the server as a package and please send me the link for it as PM). Thanks in advance, team! Greetings, Damien
  3. I couldn't install the game - had errors during the installation on my Win 10 PRO x64. Try Windows 7 (VISTA) Fix for TDU - it will work ;)
  4. Please reupload. Download link will goes to BMW M6 file :( BTW, beautiful mod m8 !
  5. 1. It's english forum, so don't write in another language. If you don't know English, use translator. If not - nobody can understand you. 2. Don't open thread in "RELEASED" sector if you don't public anything from your or others workshop. IT'S PLACE ONLY FOR MODS !!!
  6. And I fully accept your opinion...
  7. Dear Tatoscha... You know... We've already have these cars in TDU live - few Audi and One Kia - in good quality. It's just like hoary old chestnut, if you know what I mean... Old idea in new version. I could understand this, if these cars are already unfit for drive, but there is other reason... Maybe the people are looking for something "new", undiscovered one. Think a bit on this... About your WORKSHOP - I really admire your works, precision, talent in modding, but how I said - all of them we have already for drive and not prepare anything new (for example your poll - all cars are already released by others). I don't want to offend your works and comment them from wrong side - it's only my opinion - That's all what I feel like... So, sorry for that, if you are angry to me now. That wasn't my intention ;) Greetings, MRO'
  8. Anybody still have this car??? Thanks in advance for your help ~! ;)
  9. Mod is amazing! REALLY !!!! ;D I found one bug - on interior cam on door window (the panel on it looks than kind of incomplete) It's hard to describe it with words ;p
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