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  1. I had someone comment on one of my Youtube videos telling me this. Wasnt sure if he was jerking my chain.
  2. "Are you kidding me?" That is what I said a second ago... So I was playing around at the used car dealer looking at my SS Veyron. So messing around I clicked all the check boxes for selling my cars. Not having enough still I just pressed "B" and backed out. I noticed the dealer had a GTR. Having heard people talk about it I figured I'd pick it up. Well, it seems the game saves your sell check list even after backing out, and purchasing the other car causes whatever was checked to be sold. In my case about 10 cars... Including my custom painted Audi, my Lancia, and my Atom that I've gotte
  3. Can I have my Noble's back? I miss my M400. Trucks? I got a list... GM- Off-Road: H3T (REALLY REALLY WANT THIS!!!!) Performance: Vortecmax Dodge- Off-Road: T-Rex 6x6 Performance: RAM SRT10 Viper Jeep: Wrangler Ford- Off-Road: None (They haven't made a good one lol) Performance: SVT Lightning I can't see Eden reading this, but I can vent... Edit, Oh. How about a option to turn off night time? Leave rain for fairness, but a option to stop the dark would be cool.
  4. This for if I'm gonna be using dirt roads. For paved roads I love the Ariel Atom. It just makes turns so easy. It's my new Noble M400. My leatherman from TDU1. Most all the of the Audi's are nice as well. Still haven't messed with the Ferrari's much. I do see a 599 GTO in my future though. The Citroën is nice if you just don't want to speed...
  5. Hey man, i'm from maryland too, and just wanted to drop by and say hi :P

  6. Thank you. Yeah, I saw the Facebook update. That is what made me check the site. Just to see what had changed. Just thought I'd point out the glitch (If one exists, still not sure). :)
  7. Funny. I went to log in a minute ago, and it seems I didn't ever register here. :o I think something might be wrong with the registering page. When it asks you to select the right image, the images are dead. I just randomly picked the right one through the Alternate Text. This may be something on my end though. Not sure. Anyway with the recent information released about TDU2, I've had my spark brought back. If anyone cares, been playing since '07, and my current account on my 360 has 326 hours in the game. Still not Ace... But that has more to do with my own laziness. I still need to get
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