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  1. Thank you for your help! I already reinstall the game and unpack it after install,it works good now! :)
  2. Ok! When i open UL and choose online, it will get into the game,and i can see the animation as usual,but after a few second i see the animation,the game will crash and go back to desktop!(With No error message) ps: I was using official uplauncher to update to v034! Thank you very much:)
  3. My Universal Launcher v3.1 can't use after i update to v034 build16 . I saw the Universal Launcher's author said that he won't make a new version so i want to know is there any way can solve this problem? (another solfware can replace Universal Launcher or......) :( Hlep me pls,and sorry about my poor english ,thank you very much~:)
  4. How does i used this mod to get into the game but it died,and you guys won' t?:cry: i love this mod so much!! :sulk:
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