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  1. all I need is Bnk to skp I have skp it bip
  2. Hello I was wondering if there is some kind of file converter that converts .Bnk from TDU into .Skp from google sketchup so that i can convert them in to .Bip for Bunkspeed hypershot so that I can take wallpaper pics. is there any way to do that.
  3. Hello Im Cody from Florida and I like Lamborghinis and most sports cars I good at modding most games but never modded this one my main game is Rigs of rods http://repository.rigsofrods.com/ but this has better graphics at the time and it has lambos so it you want to teach me how to mod this go ahead
  4. Hello im sure there is way to merge the vent up and down versions like the open window controls it or something
  5. Hello I love your Lamborghini Edo Competition Murcielago lp640 and I was hoping that you could make my dream come true. the only thing I want is a clear glass top for it kinda like this http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll222/deathbyror/car17.jpg http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll222/deathbyror/LamborghiniMurcielagoLP640171.jpg
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