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  1. We don't have to argue about it! Well, nothing is perfect, but Urban's are definitely better and more close to perfection
  2. Yes, it's a VTEC. In fact, Si-R has got DOHC VTEC ! In fact, I just re-read it on the wikipedia
  3. I checked your sounds on j/t tuning and they are all the same (low quality and buggish). You really need to improve 'em
  4. this one is great! I really appreciate your work! I think you're making some of the best sound mods! Keep it up man
  5. epic and creative! well done dude! :D
  6. Sorry man but it sounds nothing like a VTEC
  7. First of all, there are 3 separate engines , therefore, transitions = CRAP and there are a lot of loops bugs! No offense dude, but the sound needs way more improving! Definitely downloading Urban's one. WAY BETTER!
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