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  1. Amazing sound! Thank you and welcome back!
  2. Amazing work, well done and great quality textures! The Hennessey looks like an Elise on steroids!!! The actual car must be very fast.
  3. Very Good effort indeed! well done and thanks. I will agree with the rest, TDU needs sound modders. Hope you will carry on producing sound mods. Actually, I was wondering now that there are bnk tools for tdu2 whether some sounds could be imported to tdu1.
  4. As it is (I am also looking for an f50 decent sound) there is not a lot one can choose from. I have tried almost all cases, plus the ones mentioned in this thread (the f40 sound as it was previously stated does not suit the f50) probably the most reasonable ones are the FXX (a bit high pitched for the f50) by DoctorG and the TDU sound of the 575M since are both derived from Ferrari V12 Normally Aspirated engines. (The f50 has smaller block, hence the uniquiness of the sound that it makes). Maybe we can start a poll to see how many members have the f50 installed and see if a sound modder can produce us a nice sound for it!!! :) Unfortunately the 250GTO Breadvan sound is amazing (and deep) but sounds different from the f50 in low and mid revs (in my opinion). UPDATE: This is what I am talking about... If that sound could be converted for TDU -> Happy Days!!
  5. truly amazing sound. thank you. works great, especially on high revs!!! (if only you could create a sound for the engine of f50)
  6. whoa! that sound can knock your socks off!! Well done & thanks. That turbo hiss is quite the goods.
  7. giasou patrioti!!
  8. Thanks. Used version 2 it and it is a really good Ferrari 512 sound!!! Well done!! It looks like you have a natural talent for Ferrari sounds :cool:
  9. hello my dear friend, you have the mod sound of Porsche 911 RSR (1974) made ​​by doctorg? I needed this sound in my game! link of the post: http://forum.tdu-central.com/threads/23017-Doctor-G-Porsche-911-RSR-(1974)-sound?p=433230&posted=1#post433230 Thank you and sorry for my bad English.
  10. I was referring to the sound samples related when you step off the gas (i probably got it wrong - my apologies). Anyway, the 550 sound has a good "ferrari" feeling into it. could it also be the base for an f50 sound (the 550 engine is V12 4valve nat. aspirated) fairly close relative to the F50: Wikimedia Error just an idea.. again thanks for your response and your mods!
  11. I had made a request quite a while back, from a certain set of videos: Ferrari F50 sound mod from these Videos? just love the sound of the f50! these cars are way beyond classic. albeit the suggested sound mods are great, i would guess that a dedicated sound mod of this raw v12 scream would be nice....from one of our gifted modders!
  12. link in mediafire is broken, indeed. could you reupload please? very good sound as i previously said.
  13. Your 430 GT2 and 550 sounds are very, very good! have you got a link for that so that we can test it in game? have they got off_mid and off_low samples? they sound fairly natural.
  14. excellent sound mod! thank you! (looking forward for an f50 sound mod if you make one...)
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