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  1. Great mod, thanks. Preferred the one with front plates. Could you do black rims for this?
  2. Why it isn't possible on convertibles? Been praying for a proper McMerc SLR forever. Other than that, fixing all original cars would propably be too much work, I think the UP team is more focused on getting completely new cars and fixing bugs. But what do I know?..:dontcare:
  3. It isn't just you and it isn't just the Aventador. Can't think of a car mod right now that had the ability to change interior color.
  4. One thing the Aventador lacks, is the digital speedo within the revmeter. Other than that the quality really is amazing. Both the cars and the sounds they make. HUGE thanks and hugs to everyone involved making this patch happen. I will literary sacrifice my neighbors cat in you honor. I only wish those servers could get up and running soon, been down forever now.
  5. This is a grade A mod of a car I've been waiting for some time, good work, thanks. Needs a sound mod thouh, but still, highly recommended mod.
  6. Any sound mod can be used for any car you like, just change the name of bnk file to what ever car you are planning to use.
  7. Guess we'll find out...SOON.:cheeky: I remember some talk about McLaren F1?
  8. You can remove the spoiler by opening the roof. Good mod overall, looks good both inside and outside. If you are into Mustangs.
  9. They're special alright. In a ''they are all winners'' kind of way. Would have really liked this car, best replacement for the H3, but that interior is just ridiculous.
  10. Unfortunately it doesn't. Unless theres some hidden trick to do that. Which I doubt.
  11. I just can't get this to work. I've done everything like in the description, many times, with couple of different computers and it always fails on repack. Simply says ''Repack failed''. I can't be this useless...:eek:
  12. I have no idea/interest what the Veloster looks from the inside in real life. Just pointing out that the interior looks very detailed, ''real'', compared to many mods out there. Not just some gray/black mess with dull white lights on dashboard.
  13. This really isn't my kind of car, but it's so well made that I have to drive it every now and then, mostly at nights. Because that interior looks like every interior in this game should look like: colorful, detailed, realistic... Thanks to Kiborg-dva & StarGT, this is a great mod.
  14. What are you driving? Where did you get it? Then I tell them to google unofficial patch and usually they go and do that right away. Thats all.
  15. Went and had a look if thats true and unfortunately it is. Couldn't DL this anymore. And nevermind those millions pop-ups and site re-routings, tdu2.com.ua now has ransomware that is trying blackmail 100 euros in the name of Police. ''You are guilty of copyright infringment or childpornography, all your files are now crypted'', or something like that. I mean, I really appreciate all these great mods, but this is nasty... :furious:
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