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  1. Wow, those shots are absolutely awesome! i wish I have your photograph talents! (and probably your computer...!)
  2. That's a big and cool project, I wish you the best for it! I don't know anything about coding, but I have a solid experience in modding for shift 2 and now for pCARS, so if you think I can help you in some way, tell me. I would be happy to work on this promising project ;)
  3. pCARS - Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 My last mod is available! Working on this legend brought me a lot of good old TDU memories... Download link [ATTACH]29731[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29732[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29733[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29734[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29735[/ATTACH]
  4. pCARS - Ferrari 812 Superfast This is my last mod and it is released! I can share the link if anybody here is still interested in pCARS and mods :smig: [ATTACH]29530[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29531[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]29532[/ATTACH]
  5. Entry post with my new 800hp baby :twisted: Edited, a bit desaturated [ATTACH]29338[/ATTACH]
  6. Don't tempt me too much otherwise I put a duck on your huracan, and I think nobody wants to see this! :duck:
  7. Fixed it for you: [ATTACH]28547[/ATTACH] (yes, awesome photoshop skills!) Rassva, your pic is truely beautiful, but this is not a race between two opponents ;)
  8. I used to be schizophrenic but we feel better now! And here is my entry post: [ATTACH]28539[/ATTACH]
  9. Wow I won!!! :happyspin: Thanks all for the votes! So now I have to choose next theme, and it will be: DUEL
  10. @hassan1995, you want to win 3 times in a row? Impressive shot! Edit: ENTRY POST [ATTACH]28242[/ATTACH] No chance with an old game entry, had to come back to shift 2 to take this shot...
  11. ENTRY POST [ATTACH]28127[/ATTACH] I probably have no chance, but I thought it was the best place to post this shot, don't know why :p
  12. And what if unvote option was not available anymore? If somebody votes for himself for example, he warns admins and that's all, no?
  13. I must admit this is a little frustrating not to see the results! Couldn't be the results hidden only if we didn't vote?
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