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  1. I tried the above today and the game launches now and gets through the intro screens, and just after showing the Test Drive Unlimited screen it crashes back to the desktop... :cry: I just want to play this game again! Lol
  2. Which files are those Ryzza?
  3. Hey man! Thanks for the info, thought the DRM might be causing issues. I have even tried a no-dvd .exe and it still just crashes on launch. Not sure what I am missing here...
  4. Is there anyone else here that is struggling to get TDU to work on Windows 10? I get into the game once, exit and then when I want to play again it just crashes. Have it running in compatibility mode for Vista, with carpack, 1.66a patch installed with it patched further to 1.68b. Getting beyond frustrating now...:jealous:
  5. New link please? Above one is not working... Would like to make a proper GT-R sound mod.
  6. As stated above, download links not working...
  7. Murphies law, I woke up today and found an email from Atari containing a new product key... And it worked! :) But my sounds are still all weird, although the game does not crash anymore. Will I need to redownload the DLC's if I uninstall and reinstall the game? As well as reactivating the game?
  8. So, after reinstalling my PC's OS, I reinstalled my copy of TDu 2 so that I could try out the modding (big fan of TDU 1 and the modding we could do on that game!) Start up the game, let it download the DLC's to v0.86 and then get told I can't activate the game... Epic Fail anyone? So I email SecuROM and receive a reply saying I must contact the developers of the game. I do so and open a ticket to reset my activation limits and have not received a response from them for over a week now... :confused: In the interim, I downloaded a no dvd crack just to see if the game has updated correc
  9. Any chance you can let us know how you did this? I cant play online as my internet is way too slow, so it'll be cool to try do what you have done here!:thumbsup: Mod Edit: Please do not quote pictures, Thanks!
  10. well done Good job man! Great quality for a first time car mod. Good luck with the improvements:thumbsup:
  11. Datsun 510 No its cool don't stress I totally understand, you doing these HUD's with your spare time:cool: There is no rush at all:) Let me know if I can help with reference images as I own the SSS variant, which has the gauges I'd like you recreate for the car...:twisted:
  12. Datsun 510 Hey there man Ace work on your HUD's they are very good:thumbsup: Any chance you can make a HUD for the Datsun 510 mod? Cheers:)
  13. Datsun 510 Hi there Kurgan First off, brilliant job you have done here! Thank you so much!:thumbsup: Secondly, would it be possible for you to check for the best camera's to use for Grin116's awesome Datsun 510 mod? Thanks man Cheers:)
  14. I most definitely will...:bananadance: Will post up some pics later if possible:thumbsup:
  15. Datsun 510 Hi there! Just wanted to say thank you so much for converting this car, I own one in real life and have been waiting so long for someone to do this... The quality is really great!! Good job man! You made my year with this!! Cheers
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