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  1. Great job mate!! Love that you've made black edition and paintable roof version. Thanks a lot!
  2. Finally a 575M that looks like it should! Awesome work, as usual, Combat. Now I can enjoy this car again on the game. Thanks a lot! Edit: I had a problem when I downloaded it. The Zip file came empty, 0 bytes. Don't know what happened. I'll try again (as soon as uploaded.to alows me).
  3. Hey t0m3k911, thanks for the updates. I've been off-line for a while. The mod sounds great. I'll test the v2 and give you a feedback. Thanks.
  4. Great release once again, Norby!! Thanks a lot for this!!
  5. Really good to know you're working on the sound to make it better. About the strage pause you're getting, maybe if you export the sound sample in the "wrong" format and then convert to the right format with other software after? Don't know if it would work but it's one more idea/suggestion.
  6. Sample sound really good. Just the off-throttle seems to need some more syncro with the on-throttle. The idle and the on-gas sounds great! I'll download and test later. Thanks.
  7. Link doesn't work. Could you please re-upload it? Thanks.
  8. Awesome update, Combat. I downloaded the 1st version and only today I saw that you've updated it (what a fool I am). Thanks a lot for the mod and update Combat!!
  9. Great mod, Norby!! Loved it!
  10. Great mod! Thank you very much for this, [email protected] !!!
  11. Mod perfection once again!! Loved the central mirror towards the driver. Fantastic job. Thank u very much, Minime!!:bow::thumbsup: And special thanks as well to JorgeModek for this EPIC sound!!:bow::ty:
  12. Holly molly!!! Fantastic mod, Norby! Thank u very much for this!!
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