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  1. That sucks. And of course it will be beyond their generosity to just release a tiny patch to let all the packs unlock, now they're unbuyable and it wouldn't lose them revenue, since the files are already downloaded to the hard-drive. I guess I'll get Pack1 while it is still up, just incase, and cry about the F40. Ta for all the answers.
  2. Damn. :( Sorry if this has already been covered elsewhere on the forum, I did a quick check but didn't see anything. Did they announce that they were taking down dlc? Do you know why pack 1 is still up even when the others are gone? I only found it out as I went to buy the one with the F40. I know I've had years to buy the thing but was always reluctant to spend 350 points when I only liked the one car in it. Going to regret it now... and if not too cheeky to ask, while you're here. do you have any insight on when the atari forum is (if ever) returning?
  3. I'm looking on the marketplace on XBL now and only Pack 1 appears, nothing else. So I looked on the site too and again only that pack appears. Did they remove all other DLC when they took down the servers?
  4. That was cool, very well made, especially getting the video and audio in synch. The only fault is not giving the driver a short afro in grey.
  5. My first game got corrupted so I started using an older backup file but all I did on that file was use the sticker shop to paint a few cars before it got corrupted too. I noticed that moving the photo file between different progress save files works (photos will show when playing using progress files from before they were taken), but is there any way I can get my updated sticker file to apply to the original back-up file? I was lucky to have a back-up of the back-up since I have several SD cards. I spent 6 hours painting cars and don't want all that work to have disappeared within hours of doing it. Simply moving the newest sticker file to the drive with the working progress file isn't working, the relevant cars are back to unmodified condition, but I'm hoping someone knows a trick to it.
  6. There's a bug where turning FRIM off will stop the adrenaline meter from moving. Check that and turn it on if it's off, it should work then.
  7. A reluctant yay. I find it depends on the car; the majority handle terribly and spin out on a whim, but some, like the Impreza, Ferrari 308 and Zonda Cinque handle great. I loved using the zonda on the race tracks. TDU1's was overall far better but if no patch comes out and changes 2's handling I won't mind. The gear changing is a much bigger fault.
  8. I'd love the Rally Legends pack, and would probably pay almost any amount if it had the Stratos, Quattro, Cosworth and Celica GT4. Though some actual dirt track races would need to be added then, no restricting them to asphalt races like the poor Impreza, maybe make them B1/2 class. Other than that, any pack with an Evo IV/X or F355 would be great.
  9. - being able to zoom in and out with the onscreen gps. made spotting those undriven roads a lot easier and quicker, as well as checkpoints - song skipping
  10. everything else I like has been mentioned so just.. 36) Subaru Impreza it has saved the game for me. so many of the cars I had looked forward to are horrible to drive, but the wrx is a machine on and offroad. just wish it was viable for the actual offroad racing.
  11. Is the unchanging weather if you play offline intentional then? Not a bug?
  12. In Fuel you can get the dragster in free-roam using a trick, by entering its race then from there find a friend (or someone you 'met' in the tab along from the Friends one) who's also playing then go to Join Session and it'll take you to them in free-roam while you're still in the dragster. Makes the game glitchy once you reach top speed though.
  13. So I did miss something. :o Thanks. New problem though. Whichever platform I select it always goes to the pre-order page for the PC download version.
  14. Like fizz I want the Shelby, but I can't see any way to get it for the 360 when pre-ordering. Via the official tdu2 site it when selecting the Atari option it only seems to offer the PC version and trying directly on Atari's site I just get: It's the only pre-order car I'm the slightest bit interested in, but did I miss something? Is it not a choice after all for 360 users in the UK?
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