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  1. Very nice mod, i think i have to test it and compare it to TDUZoqqer's Aventador! Btw: You have a spelling mistake in the thread title. It says:"Lamborghini Avebtador LP 700-4". Probably a typing mistake.
  2. The link is dead:( Could somebody please reupload it? I like it in it would fit (in my opinion) perfect to a F355.
  3. Could someone please reupload this mod I started playing tdu again and i just love this sound on the F40
  4. hello my dear friend, you have the mod sound of Porsche 911 RSR (1974) made ​​by doctorg? I needed this sound in my game! link of the post: http://forum.tdu-central.com/threads/23017-Doctor-G-Porsche-911-RSR-(1974)-sound?p=433230&posted=1#post433230 Thank you and sorry for my bad English.
  5. this has nothing! to du with youre 5.1 i was very upsed, too, when i realised this. this is a bug of the game (or is it a try to simulate the enginge in the back?[if it is like this it is bad:]). but don't worry the porsche/ruf sounds in this game suck even this mod doens't come really closer to the original(don't worry fiffo for it's age it is a good mod)
  6. wow as i already said in youre youtube channel this is awesome! just perfect work +1
  7. wow! awesome but there's one thing i miss: the "Carrera" writing at the doors here you see it(the red writing) http://besten.welt.de/files/1_RS2.7-1.jpg
  8. any chance to get a short preview of you're work(if you've started it already) ?
  9. maybe bigger pictures aviable? looks really nice but i can't se the details on the pictures but I#m gonna test it:coolspot:
  10. i know it may sound strange but the diffrence between the mkI and the mkII interiour isn't that big i think you could take mkI interiour and change it a little bit anyway i can't wait for a new gt3 rs (mkI or mkII doesn't matter what version:D)
  11. i prefer 997 mk1(cause mk2 doesn't has that awesome gt3 rs under the doors:D) but nice idea maybe not that good when you lock at the fact that the porsche sound mods that we have are not really close to the real thing but nice idea and i hapoe sb will do it(maybe tduzoqqer as excusement for his stopped mk1 project?):D
  12. you have to download modding tools or tdupe there you can change camera, right height and many other things if you don't now where to download google it:)
  13. nice idea i'd prefer the stock version with that exhaust
  14. awesome news:D:thumbsup: that'll be a good christmas present:D
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