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  1. Happy birthday GALOP1N
  2. They commit the blue white and red alignment of car colors :(
  3. They never go up to my desk and i prefer, i am not a scientist monkey in a cage for some reporters in tourist with a bag of peanuts :) By the way, i try hard to encourage my superiors to show up the console versions, but the Ps3 can not beat a computer with a recent first class hardware :(
  4. This was not a console versus pc issue, but since that version, we did a quite good looking amelioration for the windscreen :)
  5. Hey, I'll be coming over to Eden to annoy you next week! :bparty:
  6. This is not a race track, this is a giant groundhog sitting that we look at from the side :) I need my milka chocolate ^^
  7. It is at least as good as my worst quotes in english, but i admit that it's hard to understand the meaning of the original french version too :)
  8. I am not here to bring anything, it is not my job, and it would mean that i violate NDAs. But i read the forum because there is interesting stuff sometimes, this doesn't means that it will change anything, but this is interesting :)
  9. I don't remember if Ibiza is free or not, but i think it is (or Tdu2 would be on another island i imagine ^^). Topographic data IS man-made, There is states or people that hire other people to collect it. It is logical to think they will not give for free something that was costly to get. It is logical too that the price you will have to pay will be different for each case, internal use only, used in a shipped product, ...
  10. That's right, and it would be impossible to track all those rights to their origin. this is also true for topographic data, Ohau was free like every american data, but this is not true for every island. Nothing is free in this world :(
  11. There is no "maybe not". I gave the answer that our artistic director told to me when i have forwarded to him the picture in the first post.
  12. This is done on purpose! You need to pay rights for almost everything, because of that, the artists adds small differences in the reproduction. Of course, this is not the case for the cars :)
  13. I already played it on a 42", on a 60" and at in the Atari's auditorium with a screen with that is several meter width but i don't see the point to write that on a twitter page :)
  14. Hi, Some free curiosity, how many points and triangles in the exterior? and in the interior?
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