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  1. Thanks man, finally a GT-R with left steering :hiya:
  2. Thanks man, M3 e46....love this car :)
  3. Sorry i didn't know how to contact you ( didn't know you were a memeber here), i got this mod without any txt file, anyways your mods are the best, it had to be reuploaded :)
  4. Enzo_660


    --removed-- Spamming 'thanks' in other threads is not considered contributing to the forums and does not allow allow you to request new mods.
  5. Yes it is Modek, but lalalalalalalalala are not available anymore, so i thought about re uploading it.
  6. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?za79rlcgxuvmchk Mod Creator: Modek Enjoy !!!
  7. Hell yeah the new Viper :twisted:
  8. Amazing job, Now i can drive the F355 :) :) thanks
  9. Take it easy with all the "thanks" spam posts. We will notice if you do it only to raise your post count to request a mod
  10. I always cruise in this beautiful S class, thank you StarGt.
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