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  1. Have you tried replacing the file with TDU Modding Tools ?
  2. What car are you trying to add ? Did you resize the wheels as indicated by the modder in the readme file if the mod is made by Rulezzz ? Check the wiki modding guide chapter ajust the mod to see how to do it.
  3. Unfortunatly it all depends of the mod. On vanilla cars it may work but not all mods are the same on how they work in the game. I actually asked my self how to modify these secondary colors in the database. We're facing TDU's limitations for the database and for the car mod the original author of the mod have to edit it to make it modifiable by TDUMT. This was my question last week in my own thread with replies from ancient TDU car modder TDUZoqqer: Can't help sorry. Also bit of news about the wiki guide, Got a bit busy lately but I've made some progress by making it more organised. I'm actually working on how to add wheels with TDUF. It take a LOT of time explaining TDU stuff guys, please get in mind that. Even though I have a real life job writing guides on removal-refitting parts on real cars, it takes time to write as clearly as possible and illustrate. Bonjour/Hello On est sur un forum en Anglais. Pose ta question avec un traducteur ou utilise un traducteur pour lire. Ce problème est déjà arrivé à d'autres ici sur ce topic.
  4. Nice ! Good progress well done. For the wheels Leonctrindade had the same problem on his 488 Spider. You just need to resize them to the real life spec: 235/40 R18 You and @575_EVO Sorry I can't help for TDUMT... Something got messed up in your unknown TDUMT's xml file, don't know why and where. Pretty sure both of you are using the wrong TDUMT. Simply use the TDUMT out from the your downloaded TDU Platinium's zip file. Works flawless. That's my final answer. -> That' "normal". It's from the modder who made this car.
  5. Are you using TDUMT's Platinium ? Your problem is TDUMT's doesn't recognize it's own library (VehiculesSlots.xml) cause again Milli modified this file to make it work for Platinium. The VehiculesSlots.xml library needs to have exactly the same values, IK, cams names as the database you're trying to modify. I have multiple xml files depending on what version of TDU I work on. One "vanilla" xml, one from my own experimented car slot addon and one Milli provided for Platinium with the rest of TDUMT's Platinium.
  6. Don't use TDUPE from Platinium because the CarData.mdb file (file to make TDUPE working) is specifically modified by Milli for Platinium. That's why you got an error. So switch back Platinium's TDUPE back to the TDU Platinium folder. Instead download the "normal" TDUPE. Set this TDUPE to the Vanilla game (Check "the School of Modding thread" I've made how to do it). Extract the Audi A6 4.2 physics. Close TDUPE. Open Platinium TDUF. Select the slot you're replacing. Import the physics file. Use TDUMT in "Colors" section. Or go to the Paint Deluxe shop. Not sure but I think Kishin made these clothes. You should contact him and he might teach you how to. But from what I know, I think you need to extract the 2db files out of the Bnk with the help of TDUMT's File browser app then use the 2db -> dds converter app from TDUMT. You should be able to edit the dds files with Photoshop or PAINT.NET for exemple. Check this thread down bellow. It's a thread for modding a support each other to create mods.
  7. That's gonna be too long to explain. I haven't written the tutorial for all that process yet. But you give me a good occasion to do it. I'll write it now, will try deliver it tonight or tomorrow and reply here when it's ready. Basically you need to Rename each wheels like that: F488_Rst_F_01, F488_Rst_F_02, F488_Rst_F_03... Add the Bnk files in the Bnk folder ( Bnk\Vehicules\Rim\Ferrari) then with TDUF force the MagicMap to read the files, In the database copy the wheels from the Ferrari F430 and edit all the values to make it different from the original. Specially each REF values that needs to be different from the original F430 wheels. Connect your added wheels to the slot. If you can't wait you can still do it following my video in my tutorial when I edit TDU_Rims.db and TDU_CarRims.db (not forgetting to resize the wheels in TDU_Rims.db), add the values in the Database (in TDUMT using the "DB ressources" app), change the values in TDU MT "Database" app. The video probably is only good for the rims where you don't risk too much. At the moment did you managed to resize your wheels ?
  8. Actually Rulezzz made the classic MGB GT: https://hf-garage.ru/files/mody_dlja_test_drive_unlimited/drugie/1965_mgb_gt_ado23/26-1-0-1417 Replace one of the custom slot. Read a couple of replies above how to.
  9. Is the game crashing right at the start or in the middle of gameplay ? Have you got the BigBnks activated ? Also make sure the d3d9.dll file located in ...\Program Files\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\ is not being detected as a virus by your antivirus. Make no sense. I don't understand sorry. Explain clearly your problem please. Same question as above: Have you got a legal copy of the game ? Have you install the game first then the mod ? Is the game crashing right at the start or in the middle of gameplay ? Have you got the BigBnks activated ?
  10. Hello Yes it's still there. You have to set it to a custom dealer though with TDUMT. Why create a new thread for such a simple question ? You could have ask in the thread dedicated.
  11. Don't worry for noobs questions Yes you can do it all with TDUF ! When you click on "Edit", it's your chance modifying the numbers. https://github.com/djey47/tdu-cp/wiki/TDUF-Rims-Handling Or if you want to use TDUF you can do it manually by modifying the value directly inside the databse (my guide). Much slower but same result. Use your backup Atari files. Replace one of the 10 slots made specially for modding. Open TDUPE, set TDUPE to your vanilla backup game. Export the .tdupk physic file and close TDUPE. Open TDUF, open the slot you are replacing and import the Audi A6 tdupk file.
  12. No worries. Welcome ! Have you changed the size of the wheels as indicated by Rulezzz who I believe made this mod ?
  13. She said many times she won't add any vehicles. But you can either: replace one of the 10 slots made specifically for modding or add a new slot with the help the wiki guide and tutorial.
  14. Okay, time to bring back this topic. I've seen many people in the Platinium thread dying to know how to add a car. A few tutorial already exist. The one from civicmanvtec where I learned how to do add cars my self. Credits to him. One from JPTH. And mine who's got a video and is okay clear but have 2 major problems to cause the game to have conflicts with the original Atari car. And with the lastest versions of TDUF Database Editor, you can add a car so much more quickly, safely and efficiently. Plus it's got a dedicated guide: But for today's standard, it's in my opinion the best to understand the basics of adding cars into the game. Anyway, enough rambling. This tutorial will be completely useless and pointless on this side of the forum soon cause I've started to work on the wiki guide. You should definitely check it out ! I spent a couple of hours to make it so I'll be please to hear from you It's not finished. But at least you'll get all the basics knowledge. And if you dying to try add a car soon and do some experiments, you can watch the video on the first page of this thread but please ignore the copy-paste section of TDU_CarPhysicsData.db.hex cause this is where all the mistakes happen. Refer directly to the wiki. Also remember that this is the old manual painfully long method. TDUF is much faster, if you want fast, go to Djey's thread. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the wiki here. Again feel free to ask me any questions. I'll try to answer. Or my colleagues if they happy to help.
  15. Are you still there ? If not, I just reply for every people reading the forums. [email protected]_$HOTGUN made an awesome detailed tutorial a few years ago. Link is still working ! One simple guy who was just really motivated for converting car models into TDU (Pator5) learned a lot from these tutorials and managed to release some great mods like the Ferraris 250 GT Lusso and California. Anyone who have time to spend, lots of motivation and patience can make a car. And if someone is starting something but need support, there is my thread for that where we support each other:
  16. Have you guys first installed the original vanilla game then the mod ? Also have you got an original copy of the game with the CD ? Try first to run the vanilla game. If it works (it should), you'll be able to run Paradise smoothly.
  17. Ah... Okay. Well I stay positive, Maybe one day. Thanks for the informative answer
  18. Buy or sell cars online doesn't work since Atari shut the official servers down. The online was brought back by the community (Speeder and Lean mainly) a few years ago only for be able to cruise with people and other functions doesn't simply work cause haven't been rewritten in codes.
  19. Oh yea forgot about this 2dm file inside the car Bnk. But it involve modifying modder's work which I feel bad for after all the effort making a car mod. So the database is the second (unexplored?) option and my hope. Maybe lost chance but I'll keep searching just for the sake of interest. Thanks guys for the reply
  20. Thanks Djey ! Added your link to the front page. I've got a question regarding Color_ID_1. Some car mods or Atari cars have a stripe or brake calipers that is editable only in the Paint deluxe shop like the Mk1 Gallardo Superleggera in Platinium. Is it possible to add a new color ID and edit it ? Obviously with TDUF we can duplicate anything but to edit this particular value seems like a well kept secret by TDU's limitation. I would like to copy the line of O_O2 and add a second choice stripe color like Atari's Camaro Z28 (Camaro_07) have it for example. Maybe someone know ? Is there such an existing Color_ID_1 ".db" file we could edit ? It must be possible somewhere, the Deluxe paint shop just show it's somewhere in the files. We only have CarColor.db located in DB.bnk at the moment but can't find Color_ID_1 anywhere.
  21. Slot 5 wasn't working. Now it does. How weird Anyway, thanks for testing and your responses.
  22. Have you got the 4GB executable installed ? They are included in the .rar file of the 1.06 patch. --- On other subject, I'm amazed how much echo Platinium is having around the internet. A fairly big channel did a good review of the mod. Great job EDIT: @Milli May I report a glitch ? Not your fault obviously cause I did some testing as well and found the same problem. In the British Independant dealer (Lotus, Ford Cosworth, Bentley, Caterham), you can't buy the Lotus Esprit V8. It's set on slot 5 in the dealer. Easy fix is to move the Esprit around in the dealer on a different spot with TDUF or TDUMT but you will not be able to buy the other car on that slot 5. It's strange the slot doesn't work. @Djey perhaps have you got any idea ?
  23. That's the fun stuff. There's no list. It's meant for everyone to discover all the rest of the cars. But there is a way to find " a list". I will not tell anyone though cause I'm not here to spoil
  24. TDUPE doesn't work with Platinium. Or it kinda works but it's a complicated process to use it with Platinium as Milli said somewhere. Use TDUF 1.12 Database Editor instead and go to the "TDUPE inspired" section. Works like a charm when you import a tdupk physic file or change the values. You'll find TDUF in your extracted TDU Platinium folder in "TDU Platinium Toolkit". Brilliant tool TDUF ! I strongly recommend anyone who want to mod cars to use it. Just take less than 5 mins to understand how to use it. Of course before making any modifications, MAKE BACKUPS OF THE BNK FILES AND THE DATABASE ! Just to let know anyone: One car in the game equals one line of values in the database. So each values correspond to something. The database works like that: One value = One name or One value = Hp for exemple. So if you want to create a name like "A10" for Ascari, you can create a name and TDUF will automatically create an associated number to go with the name you create. Check out my old tutorial to understand how TDU's database works. But do not create a new car slot cause my tutorial is outdated and have a few problems. I might remake a tutorial video or write a guide in turboduck's wiki. No adjust the IK in TDU Modding Tools or TDUF to "Shelby Daytona". I Or ingame just press one of the F4 to F8 key to remove the driver.
  25. Nice to see you again ! Hope you well Just want to say a big thank you for all your work ! I still enjoy your Virage, Vantage N600, CLK 55 AMG, SLK 55 AMG, GS350 F-Sport, GTR, Quattroporte GTS and so many more... You were particularly good with interior texture. Still some of the best mods made for the community. Cheers Norby take care !
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