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  1. still havent got round to doing the filming as mate was in mallorca but we had to drive around the north yesterday so did a quick couple of vids sorry its a quick release and not quality http://ibiza-blog.com/ibiza-driving-vidoes/ and yes i do realise i shpelt video wrong - it was late... ;)
  2. i have been reprimanded sorry - i apologise if i have offended anyone by substituting one letter of the alphabet for another letter of the alphabet in a word that might imply another word that may or may not be offensive to people who are younger than 13 years old who have to agree to not be here in the first place anyway
  3. trust me - we're going to make it good - its going to be fun its going to be filmed with an HD pro camera and edited through premiere - it all depends on how quick people want the footage - we could bung out raw stuff realistically the same night with about a 3-4 hour delay but i want to make some interesting stuff at the same time - some cutaways - where we are. where we're going next etc but we're doing it for free so... you get it when you get it :)
  4. heres the rough plan: i'll take the gps thingy i have to do a google map trail as well - planning rough route now and compiling a mix cd ;) weather hopefully will be ok (forecast sunny & 19 degrees all weekend) but if not we'll do it monday sort of plan - we're starting in santa eulalia (north east) so may just film from there to airport anyway
  5. ok, its sorted - me and mate with HD pro video camera are going to have a drive around ibiza on sunday and the plan is to do about half a dozen short videos - planning a route now shame the trailer didnt come out today as i wouldve loved to recreate it but with actual footage of the reality ! ;)
  6. i just thought - *if* the maps & roads are reasonably accurate it'll be a piece of p1ss to drive my way around ;)
  7. i know ! - cant wait to see if i can buy pacha or drive up to my flat ! - its going to be *really* weird eg, there's a really good drive from santa gertrudis down the back roads to san antonio - or the "old carpenters road" from santa eulalia down to ibiza town via jesus - the windy road from the top of portinatx to cala san vicente in the north which has tons of hairpins and then down coastal road to es cana ps i noticed somewhere someone moaning the lack of long straights - the san juan road or the ibiza town to san miguel are perfect for that cant wait to show you lot the footage from when we drive around & film it :)
  8. when i heard about it i remembered a video i had done a couple of years ago - basically we videod from ibiza airport to san antonio in the car (25 min drive) & speeded it up to 5 mins and i put in on the blog yesterday had a chat with my mate who has an HD pro video camera and we're going to have a drive around the next few days and do some more video :) http://ibiza-blog.com/2010/04/21/test-drive-unlimited-2-tdu2-set-in-ibiza/ ps apart from the racetrack in middle of island the oxm scans of ibiza seem accurate
  9. yep thats where ive lived for past 11 years - really looking forward to playing TDU2 where i actually live !! it will be weird ;)
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