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  1. Don't think the car deserved it. It's innocent in my point of view.
  2. FF Configurator out. :)
  3. You don't need a really oomph pc to run TDU 2. And trust me, it's not worth the upgrade.
  4. Love it!:) Be sure to let us know when you release it. :D +rep
  5. Your gender bias angers me. I call the intarwebz pleez! WEE OOO WEE OOO WEE OOO Yeah. I have nothing better to do.
  6. How does AA work for you guys? Or do you do something with the shots? I got full AA and it does nothing to look smooth. -.- You WILL divulge your secrets!
  7. OMGzzz no. lil kiz want thar neopets!
  8. Just me or is the driver leaning down? o.O
  9. Love the way you spelled maniackk with a k.
  10. This was the game the people at EA talked about being the "blow your socks off" game. And it's being developed by the same people who developed Undercover, if I'm not mistaken. If it is, it has been 2 years in production, which is a nice time to polish off a game taking into account EA's yearly production cycles. But if the game has enough customising, and aesthetic options, then it will survive as 90% of the people are like "pl0x gib us underground 3" as they can't handle simulation racers. Plus I'm pretty sure that the physics are different from Undercover too. If not, then that's another potential game down the bin. Will be following this though, as an avid NFS fan. >_>
  11. Nothing about them is cheap. They cheated us off around 500 USD, to fix a dent on the wheel arch of our 330i. -.-
  12. You can tell by all that stuff on the track. :P
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