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  1. It seems that in their eyes only supercars deserve to retain their original engines when tuned to specs. Most other cars have their engines replaced with generic V8s. I guess their explanation would be that original engines couldn't be tuned to match those of supercars so they are replaced. And since we can't look under the hood of fullstock cars, there's no way to see original engine. Seems like an awful way of making sure they don't have to model each and every engine. Shame really, back in the day I had my hopes up after seeing these official screenshots (both cars are fullstock):
  2. The cars you mentioned are previous DLC that were also part of season pass and can only be bought with real money. The WR cars on the other hand, are all avaible for in-game bucks, but only cars; the bikes, new specs and entering the Summit require Wild Run. I bought the RX-7, kinda let down that it doesn't have the rotary engine. It's replaced with V8 turbo :fp:
  3. It also didn't work for me but I've managed to fix it by adding whole TDU installation folder as an exception to Windows Defender (through the new control panel)
  4. I found this list on official forums topic, everything seems to check out so far, with the Vanquish beeing the latest confirmed. And we've already seen the RX-7 on the speed pack pic that was replaced with the Alfa Romeo.
  5. I enjoyed it quite much. Though I couldn't get the hang of drift spec on a wheel, I scored more points drifting with a keyboard. Monster trucks were fun and with a wheel it is possible to actually turn dragsters without going sideways (which is nearly impossible on keyboard). I didn't drive those new specs too much though, as Kawasaki got my whole attention. I didn't use bikes in TDU or TDU2 since for me they weren't too pleasant to drive with a wheel. So not expecting much, I was very, very surprised how good the bike felt in The Crew. I have my wheel set to 540 degrees and driving the bike was perfect. I spent most of the time just cruising around the map. Previously I was looking forward to drift spec but honestly now I can't wait to drive those bikes again in November (I probably won't though, because Fallout). Overall I'd say the Crew is headed in good direction. Good job, Ivory :clap:
  6. What problem do you have? It's stuck on installation (5/6) or (1/2)? Because I also had this problem and I managed to fix it by killing "The Crew Install Helper". It finished installation and launched a minute later (make sure to wait a bit because at first it seems as if nothing is happening). I have to do this every time I launch the beta but it works each time.
  7. I also have only one and for me it was complete install like a new game and I had to download 18 gb. I have the version without dash so the one on the right.
  8. [headline]The Crew Wild Run PC Beta[/headline] Soo from October 15th (12PM CEST/GMT+2) until October 19th (12PM CEST/GMT+2) there will be a PC beta of the new Wild Run expansion. If you own the PC game, have played the Trial version or were in a previous Beta then you will be automatically allowed to participate. If you are none of those then you can still register at this link and hope to be included. There is also NO NDA!! And they've released a fancy new video: Sauce: The Crew blog
  9. ^Exactly. They've said that it's dynamic weather so obviously it won't be preset. It is set this way now for the demo to show the rain. At least that's what I think.
  10. New video is up. New graphics engine is awesome and we get WEATHER system! :D Now that was unexpected
  11. Hmm, they're adding new specs - drift, drag and monster truck. I'll still wait to see the opinions before buying but I have some new hope for this game, especially with the drift spec. More info on site
  12. I'm not sure if these are the cars that will come in the next pack. They only said that Corvette will be avaible June 3rd, not the other cars. I'm guessing they are yet to announce the full pack. Natchai said on the forums that there are more news coming this week
  13. They've announced a couple new cars that will be coming somewhere in the future (not to say *soon*), apparently they will be free for Season Pass holders 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, MINI Countryman and Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR [sauce]
  14. You need to download the IGE folder and paste it to Euro\Bnk. Here you can download the fixed files (don't need to replade the exe, just IGE folder): [link] @Djey It has nothing to do with having an illegal copy, I am also missing these files when reinstalling. I think it happens when installing on newer OS than XP.
  15. You need to download the IGE folder and paste it to Euro\Bnk. Here you can download the fixed files (don't need to replade the exe, just IGE folder): [link]
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