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  1. If you want,we can collaborate,to make some good stuff. If so - PM me :)
  2. Thanks for tuto! Finally set different rims on Zondas,as it could be :D
  3. What's up guys! Here it is my first ever mod - sound mod for RB26 Nissan,stock engine ofcourse ;). Its just version 0.9,but i think its pretty good. So i'll work with it more to make some updated versions like sound with turbo hiss etc. Preview: Stock RB26 Tuned RB26 with BOV Download stock: Download tuned: UPDATE 1.05.15 Today I've started to converting sound from NFSU2. First attempts are not so bad. You can rate it by the video preview. :) I have had used only "ON" samples from NFSU2,'cuz didnt quite understand how to rec "OFF" samples. So when i'll get how to rec them,it wud be great. Stay tune,if u interested ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr_X8o08Bqk
  4. Would be good on the next weekend.
  5. There is no info about cam set,so i'll post it here: SkyGtr cam CLS55 IK As for me it fits perfect. btw,this car w/ its sound mod are ultimate insane,lovely play ,ty
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