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  1. Great work like always. Thanks a lot for the last update.
  2. Only the Dark Side because of the cookies. But people think about it that 74-Z Speeder Bike with is 500 km/h speed will be the Bugatti Veyron true killer and if there is a problem in a race they can shoot the blaster cannon also Lol.
  3. Thanks a lot for the last update.
  4. My wish list: 1- AT-AT 2- AT-ST 3- Sebulba Pod Racer 4- 74-Z Speeder Bike 5- X-34 Landspeeder I hope that at lest one of them will be included Lol.
  5. Amazing cars, amazing work like always ! The AutoPack team rule this game !!! Thanks bartkramer for the 918 rims fix tip. Now I have only the "car not downloaded" FXX bug but I hope this will be fixed soon, if its not possible to fix this bug, for me its fine because this is not a big problem.
  6. Now I have one dilemma. If I use a custom license plate that Fussel made for me I will not have the tire's bug problem but I will have a license plate bug that affects only the cars from the autopack and the dreampack.
  7. That is GREAT news!!! I think the car list choise in the pack 1 will be hard to beat but I know the quality will be amazing like always. Many thanks for your time.
  8. I hope the secret car don't delay many days the release of the Dreampack. Can you guy's give us a hint about the secret car?
  9. This dreampack will be fantastic !!! I love all the cars included in the pack !
  10. Great news ! that dream pack is what I wish for ! Don't worry about the gauges mitkop81. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  11. Any news about the Eta for the next update ? I hope the LaFerrari will be in the next car pack and the driver legs in the F50 fixed by a good surgeon : ) Thanks for the fixes in the Tvr cerbera 12 sound and the Lamborghini Gallardo gear ratios.
  12. Great news !!! But that car it's not a LaFerrari !?! It's a DeadFerrari lol.
  13. Fantastic work guys !!! there is still some bugs but for a first released pack that is comprehensive. Why don't you put this Autopack in the TDU2 mod releases forum ? that way I think you will have more downloads. My car wish list for the next versions: - LaFerrari - Lamborghini Huracan - Lamborghini Veneno - Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C7 - Pagani Huayra - Bentley Continental GT - Koenigsegg Agera - MacLaren P1 - Hennessey Venom GT All the cars have been previously shared by StarGT. Thanks a lot guys and please keep doing this fantastic project. -
  14. Any news about the AUTOPACK ? I hope everything is going well.
  15. @Minime891 you are right I mixed the lambos, the the problem with the gears are from the Gallardo. I hope that will be fixed because I play mostly with automatic transmission and I like very much the that car. Thanks.
  16. Great work like always. I have the front lights always on, is this normal? Thanks.
  17. Can you fix also the driver legs in the F50 because one leg is above the other. My wish list for this or future update releases: Fix the gears of the Lamborghini Aventador, when we play with automatic transmission there is a delay between gears. Fix the starting sound of the TVR Cerbera. Thanks a lot to all the modders for this amazing project.
  18. Sorry but I don't explain the bug correctly in my last post. The bug appears only when we hit the brakes, when the car is stopped the wings are down without the bug. I hope you will fix this soon because this is my favorite released mod until now. The detail of this mod is amazing, we can even see the active spoiler mechanism working behind the rear grid ! The only thing I wish you add in the future update if possible is the exhaust backfire. Thanks.
  19. Great Delta S4 pack ! Awesome work ! Thanks StarGT and Kiborg-DVA.
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