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  1. Nice pics, it must have been really fun. I would like to participate, but unfortunately I'm having trouble connecting to the server. I'm almost giving up...
  2. So cool the diversity of cars. I can't wait to try it. Congratulations for your work, Milli!
  3. I just bought (a very rare in my country) physic legal copy to enjoy this mod too. :)
  4. No need to hurry man, take your time!
  5. Now my TDU have a lot of BMWs what I like Norbys E39 M5, Minime's F10 M5, Fl0w's X6 M Tool's E60, Combat E34 M5 This 08 E92 M3 and the M3 GTS thanks fot it
  6. Killer look with these TE37s, great job as usual!
  7. Why Forza 4 when we have Minime; norby; combat ? For me, it can be painted with the car color, just like the real life model
  8. fantastic, one of my faves AMG. Luxury and power! I'd prefer much more these super sedans, than exotics. that's my opinion,
  9. I like third generation Camaro, thats a new classic, good to have this one on my TDU now
  10. this is one of my favourite AMGs nice work on the virtual speedometer at the interior your mods are getting better and better, keep up!
  11. a Group B Rally legend! thanks for remember it
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