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  1. you might have to replace the rims with the r8_spyder_f01 or f02 . i think the spyder rims cross over with the V10 R8
  2. yeah i got the memo about that. i thought along similar lines but reasoned that other people hexed the dlc cars before the dlc came out. i didnt think that they'd be re-replacing the cars and then buying them with atari tokens. But none the less, i understand and accept the whole dlc exploit dont-ask-dont-tell thing. such is the trials of being a new to a forum.
  3. oooohhhh Anti-*social behaviour. i read anti "socialism" and i thought people were getting called communists/socialists or something. ...this makes more sense
  4. well then lets hope theres one more use for my cd key. (hey you're from melbourne. me too :D) EDIT: is it also true that all the new vehicles cost atari tokens? hex replacing has been patched in the later patches hasnt it? oh struth!
  5. first of all sorry if this is in the wrong section, i cant start a thread in the "support" section. I wanted to update my game to get DLC2. As my game was previously unpacked, i moved the "unpacked" files to the backup folder and all the .big/map files that were previously in the backup folder to the main TDU2 directory. I also got rid of everything in the /euro/bnk folder except for the "video" folder. I then downloaded Knyazev's Build 12 mirror (i wasn't a huge fan of the 20kb/s) and extracted it to the TDU2 folder. when i ran uplauncher it downloaded the missing DLC1 explo pack and upon pressing play, it said i was missing "crashhook.dll". I downloaded one from the TDU2 forums (someone else had the same problem as me). Now when i press "play" in the uplauncher, the screen goes black (just before the Eden intro), then the game crashes. Can anyone help me? I suspect, theres a file missing in the TDU2 folder or possibly still an unpacked file there. Could you please look at the files in my TDU2 folder (will attach screenshot) and if you can spot anything missing or something that shouldn't be there, please let me know. EDIT: also, in the backup folder, its got the avatar, database, frontend, fx, physics etc folders. Thanks guys [ATTACH]17530[/ATTACH]
  6. thanks for your help nobby. might hold off the DLC2 for a few days till the unpacker gets updated. thanks again
  7. looking forward to DLC2 but quick question, how do i update an unpacked game?
  8. quick question how does one update TDU2 with an unpacked game? do u replace the .big archive files in the backup folder with the unpacked contents of the TDU2 folder? if i update normally through uplauncher without going through the universal launcher and the game "repacks" my TDU2 folder, can i unpack it again after? thanks guys
  9. hi guys, first post here after about a years worth of lurking on and off. Just wondering if someone could please elaborate on the instructions for the use of hidden clothes on the TDU2 Wiki (found here). I have successfully decrypted the db_data.cpr file with TDUdec. I'm a bit confused as the tutorial mentions a "PNJ" folder and an "Eden" folder where the respective clothes are found. Are these supposed to be within the database file? I've been looking through the database with microsoft's default WordPad, when I open it with notepad++ , all the contents of the document say "null" repeatedly. Am I supposed to edit the database in wordpad/notepad or with an actual Hex Editor? What hex editor comes recommended from the people of tdu-central? Sorry for all the questions and i'm appreciative of any help you guys can spare. (I have searched for this topic but to no avail)
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