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  1. My guess: Honda Prelude My req car is: Jaguar XJ220 (b/c of quality)
  2. Oh damn after the 3rd install it works now.You can close the thread.
  3. Hi! "Test Drive Unlimited has stopped working..." right after the intro.Here's the thing: The game ran very sluggish with Hawaiian Paradise mod and after several freezes (due to overheating) I decided to uninstall the mod. I wanted to but I could not click the uninstall button at the mod's setup screen.:eek: OK I thought I had an older version then it turns out it was the right installer.Downloaded older versions of the mod still unable to uninstall. Then I headed to mods folder deleted everything except new tires.Started the game,mod was still up.Then I just renamed the whole
  4. Thank you for your help but no luck :( I've only tried the EB 110 and 1989 s13 physics.Oh well...
  5. Sorry for being impatient! I thought if I install community patch the car physics with manual install would work but after the Atari screen "Tdu has encountered" bla bla bla... No problem with auto installer though.Sorry.
  6. I have the same problem except XP does not have administrator mode.Pls help!
  7. My problem is the opposite... Auto installer physics work and when I try to put (for example) Bugatti or 240sx physics in-game by manually the game throws me to desktop after the Atari screen :(
  8. I really need this patch please.And others too. Some one who has the patch upload it and send us the link via pm PLEASE!!! :(
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