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  1. I thought I wasn't going to return to TDU 2. I wanted to get away from TDU 2 to focus on my education but I been craving it lately so I kind of do regret that decision now. :(
  2. That's a pity. I wanted to play it but looks like I'll have to start from the bottom again. Oh well, thanks pal.
  3. I own a legitimate copy of TDU 2. I deleted the savegame about 1-2 years ago thinking I was done with the game but I have been lately "craving the mineral" and want to return to it after being bored of The Crew. Any ways I can recover my savegame or does everything involving the DLC that I bought saved on my profile online? I bought all DLC so I am really hoping there is a way I can recover it. If there isn't, it's no biggie really.
  4. Can you please upload the link to something like mediafire or something? I want to download it but the link keeps on redirecting me to advertisements and there is no download button. Why do you have to make this so complicated?
  5. I did ask about other rims and no one replied. So I thought no one was checking it and was thought this would get faster response. You can lock it.
  6. Can someone please help me! I've been browsing the web all day long just to find this Subaru but had no luck. Can someone please tell me if this was ever released, and if it was, can I get the link? :-) Thanks! http://imageshack.us/a/img507/853/2903.jpg
  7. Hey, I've been looking around to find those rims on this BMW but had no luck finding them. Can someone help me out please? :P http://imageshack.us/a/img18/8905/2803rp.jpg
  8. Awesomeeeeeeeeez.
  9. I'm assuming this doesn't work with latest patch DLC v0.16. Cause everytime I do start it up, it takes me back to main menu screen, and I quote exactly "ERROR(NOT FOUND IN DATABASE)". Correct me if I am wrong please.
  10. Well ya.. I bought the bike pack and I'm just fed up with the fact that I'm unable to paint my bike. However, I've met a lot of other bikers who have painted their bike other than the original color, red. Which I know they've used a mod for, yet I can't get my hands on it. I've tried searching on google "How to paint TDU 2 bikes" yet no helpful answers came up.. so I thought why not ask here. Can anyone help me get through this please? I'm tired of my reddish colored bike. Also how do I upgrade my bike to level 4 tuning? I've seen others do it actually. :(
  11. Here.. this is my NatType :( [ATTACH]17881[/ATTACH]
  12. I really don't know why this game is acting like this.. Very weird I tell you. It was working all fine. Suddenly, somehow when I launch UpLauncher, it says "Game Servers Unavailable".. this is kind of weird hence I never got that message before and I was able to play online, whatnot. Here is the weird part.. I'm able to go in game, play online.. I can see other players but when I try to join my friends' session, it says "Session is full" and he was clearly in his house.. so no one he had a full session. I also went to the casino and all I get was "Searching for a valid session", unable to play any kind of games. :( I am really disappointed and I want to know any fix to this.. I do not know what caused it. I do not use any kind of mod/hacks.. my game is untouched. I also have it on Steam if you are wondering. Anyone, please help me get through this.. what is causing this.. its really frustrating.
  13. Been waiting for this for ages! Too bad its a right wheel steer.. but it will do for now. Thanks a bunch mate!
  14. Will I get banned if I use this online? This is really needed and which it was built in game.. really do!
  15. It just sounds horrible.. I don't know why people sound a lot better on Vent than they do on TS. XD
  16. I appreciate your offer, really do. But TeamSpeak is not really my thing, it just sounds horrible. However, I will keep it in mind if I don't got a response to Ventrilo server.. Really thank you!
  17. My friend and I have been trying to use xFire for communicating and whatnot.. However, he's unable to hear me and its just getting frustrating. So I was wondering, are there any Ventrilo Servers related to TDU 2 that can hook us up?
  18. Hi there, Well, I've been setting up TDU 2 lately and I've noticed this yellow message next to the nat type. Not sure if its has any risk on the game but it color worries me. It says Moderate:PortRestrictedCone next to my NAT type. Now I would like to know, what is causing this? How can this affect me? What are the negative impact of this moderate type? How can I fix it to get a Open Nat? Please help.. I'm worried I will have trouble playing online.
  19. Okay, I finally got it to work. I guess I need to turn off UAC for the unpacker to work properly. Thanks for your help guys!
  20. Well.. I can't find the unpack.bat file.. wow this is really depressing.. why did the developers of TDU2 have to lalalala with our mind and make it so complicated to mod vehicles.. why couldn't they just make it like TDU 1... :( Where do I find the unpack.bat file.. its not in UL v3.1 folder... >:O
  21. Thanks I will try that out and let you know, Donnie. Really appreciate the help, even if it doesn't work. However, how do I get the UL v 3.1? :P ---------- Post added at 19:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 18:50 PM ---------- I downloaded the tool off the first link I've got in the google search results. However, it only had 3 direct html files, two txt files(changelog and Readme) TDU2 Offline and online mode starter and TDU2_Universal Launcher. . . Where do I find the unpack_full.bat? Am I missing something over here..?
  22. Well.. I can play offline with my mods for a while then jump in multiplayer. I just need help extracting my game so I can install mods easily and I am really dying for some help over here.
  23. Does anyone care to look at this? I'm really in need of desperate help! The wikipedia is no use. I don't know if it was hacked but it's no use at all.
  24. Well here is the thing.. The folder 'Euro' in my TDU 2 directory contains only 2 folders; 'BNK' and 'Shaders'. However, my BNK folder contains only one folder named 'Video' which is basically nothing, yet only contains 3 files of some videos and whatnot. Now I am pretty sure there is a step I am missing.. which I believe is extracting the game. Now how do I exactly do that? Please help me!
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