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  1. Wow, that's what i am talking about. Look at that framerate. Nice.
  2. Supercool :p . In case you missed it , . That's how you solve the securom trouble with windows 10.
  3. You never had the possibility to play and record at the same time when you where playing TDU back in the days ? But now you got a really overpowered PC and can finally show your wicked gameplay properly as it should be ? Well, feel free to post it here. I look forward to see blinky fresh pixels from the power pc's out there creating TDU content at its best. But there is one thing. Its got to be driven in hardcore mode :p . Joking. It's got to be good. Lemme start with an 80's freeride in a Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary.
  4. Cool you answer so detailed. About the reflections on the car. I didn't mean better reflections in quality. I ment they should move correctly. I guess it eats up nearly same calculations moving wrong, then they would moving correctly :-q . If you drive forward, they shouls move backwards, like the surrounding does, when you drive through it. In TDU 1 the move in drivin direction, wich is a stoned view of reality. In cockpit view they move normal, like it should be. Maybe a modder thats more into the gamecode than me could just copy paste the movementcode from cockpit view to the 3rd person view codes. Like L3AN and Speeder. Sounds from youtube videos are not interesting ? You think of law problems using them in an own game ?
  5. Urrm, first of all, cool project. You said that the UE4 does not have the physics capability you would like to have. But is it enough for being as good as TDU 1, according to driving physics ? Because this would, at least for me, be all i need, löl . When i think about this here, i imagine a TDU 1 with the basic things that where missing, in it. Lightflares, rain + wipers, being able to leave the car or at least open the doors, for cool parking in freeride, but much more important, lighting details. You know, streetlamps, DIFFERENT light in the windows of buildings, orange cateyereflectors on the streets in tunnels or on the road at night. Streetside reflectors in the plancs sometimes. This also ads feeling of speed to the game. Better variaty in engine sound design. Correct reflections in the carpaint and everything, we know they are moving forward instead of backwards on the car, in the original TDU 1. Yeah all this is possible in the UE4. I would overhaul TDU1 if i would want to learn only, and want a game like TDU 1, like you said. I really would like to have a TDU 1 without the failiures, and better graphics, sounds, etc. instead of another game with other spots. I like that island :-q . And in TDU 2 everything is so cartoonish, plus the driving is worse than in TDU 1. For the sound, i think of a system, where single events are independent designable, like backfires, a keyrattle, or material moving sounds, insects that splash on the frontwindow etc. . There should be s seperate rev sounds system for when the neutral gear is put in, and the most important, for every gear a SPEEDBASED revsystem. Not a revhightsystem. You know, how does the car sound in 4th gear at 100km/h and how does it sound at 200 km/h, can be put in different then, not like in TDU1 one file for the same gear in a rev range. There the 1st gear sounds at lets say 6000 rpm the same like the 4th gear at 6000 rpm, and that is crap. If the 1st gear never reaches the speed like in 4th gear at same rpm, the sound will be different with a speedbased rev system. Of course this would be more work, by the factor of gears. 6 gears, six times more work. But it will be worth it, and i would WANT this more possibilities to do things. Tnx for reading :-q.
  6. updated 08.05.2018 https://forum.turboduck.net/threads/djoytinnio-nissan-skyline-gtr-r34-soundmod.35261/
  7. O thanks man, i didn't see your post, due to the forum was unavailable a little while. Today i worked again on it, and after a little polishing, it is really ok now. I changed the appearance of the mid downtouring, and distorted the onup a little bit. I really like it now. Have a try :-q .
  8. :-q . It's early morning in the first vid, and a bit later at rainy day in the second. I think every time has it's benefits. Sunny weather is also nice. Good you like it, i was not so sure. For people who want to download it, cancel the exe file, click download again. Should be a normal filedownload then.
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