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  1. Yo man, its me LeonTrindade, you said to me pm me you. i cant send private message to you because i think its blocked.

    I really would like to add you in discord and btw here one sound mod that you could do it Ferrari 488 GTB / Spider and maybe add a turbo fluter xD 


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    2. Leonctrindade


      I sold my 370z few months ago because, i got sick and i had to pay the bills of the hospital, so i decided to sell Z to make, solv my debts, here in Brazil is hard my friend =/

    3. DJoyTinnio


      O damn. That sucks. Is all good now ? Health is more important than a car.


    4. Leonctrindade


      Im not 100% yet, but im recovering. But ill be glad if someday you could help me with a good F430 & 488 Sound Mod with turbo fluter sfx. 😃

  2. According to framedrops to 2 or 3 fps. I had that also with a downloaded mod that had an installer for it, that also installed changed physics. I installed the car manually without the physics, and all worked normally. That's why i then never installed changed physics again. I thought the game detects it as cheating , and drops the player's framerate. ( Atari servers where still on ) . So my guess it is the physics that come with some cars.
  3. No, just a thought. And about ONE theme of thousands of themes that run this place. That's not complaining about ''how this place is run , lol '' See, this hole platinum mod would not be possible, if not bending the guidelines a bit. And so i think it is a good way to improve the game. Together with the community. What i mean is, some modders where not asked, if they want their mod to be in this platinum project. Things are changed in their mods also, physics, sound, camera, whatever. Strictly viewed, this is against the guidelines. Do correct me, if i understand something wrong. But it is good for all, right ? So why, if there is something wrong with a mod. And in some cases even the modder says, yeah lol i was too lazy to put that passenger into the right position that day, take it or hate it. Then i find it ok if that gets fixed. The credits for the original author could stay untouched. I bet there are people who don't need their own thread or credits, for being up to improve an obvious lack in a mod. I mean COME ON, a passenger floating along a car ? That's not what this game is about, lol . There should be exclusions i find.
  4. I didn't complain about how this place is run. Wtf ? That's what YOU make out of what i wrote. Again, i only shared my opinion about the complains when someone really improves an already existing mod, when it is not the authors own work originally . If a modder wants to make his mod that ''do not touch'' worthy, do your own models. It is harder ? YES ! And that's why it is more worth. Only my lttle opinion, period.
  5. Yeah. But the difference is, I don't tell you to go elsewhere ! PLUS My sound mods are my own work. So i think i can have a certain point of view, regarding people that just take the soundfiles from other games, and claim it to be their ''work'' . You say i might feel better being away from things that bother me ? I already feel better, not having to steal other's work, lol .
  6. Changing the position of a passenger phasing through a car's roof, or traveling hovering somewhere in 4 meters away, to a normal position on one of 4 empty seats in a car, is not ''knowing everything better.'' And no i won't go somewhere else. I just prefere the mods of people who did their own models. And i have the right for my opinion and share it here. You don't have to tell me to go elsewhere , only because of your opinion differs. I am not criticising any guidelines. I am just pointing out how I see it . Did you see i am a modder here ?
  7. A nocd patch is not needed for the securom issue. And since the nocd patch caused other issues in the past, i'd say deactivating the compatibility for internet explorer 11 in windows 10 is the better solution.
  8. There are weatherparts for the dealers, all other weathermods don't adress. In my weathermods , this is edited to be the same as when driving. I not only managed to have the colors appear a little less aggressive, i also managed to have the same weather, when looking through the windows from inside car dealers, that you had outside before entering the dealer. In all other mods you have for example a dark evening going on, you enter a dealer, and the weather is the stock daytime.
  9. Try my weathermods. In them your problem is gone.
  10. There are modders who buy licenses from models that are on sale. And there are modders who do their own models. Those who steal from other games, should not bitch arround , if someone steals the already stolen work , lol . That's beating arround the bush.
  11. And where is the respect for the people that made the ripped models from forza and TDU 2 ? Isn't this beating arround the bush, to argue about who disrespects who ? The modders that don't do their own models and just taking it from other games are also doing a form of disrespect on the hours and hours work from others, by just taking them , and uploading them as their own work. In my opinion they should not bitch arround, if someone is taking their 90 % work, and improving it to 100 % by putting the passenger into the correct position.
  12. Yeah, i only explained it further. Because you said you have to keep the weatherparts of one weather ( morning 1 + morning 2 + morning 3 ) combined, so the cloud bug won't appear, wich is not true. You can combine the parts of different weathers in order to avoid that bug ( morning 1 + evening 2 ). It is only about having different cloud positions between 2 weatherparts, to avoid the cloud bug. So long.
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