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  1. Can you do some research, and send me the link to a video with the turbo sound you would like to have, because there are many different types. And this car normally doesn't have a turbo. So i can't find the right one myself. Louder is possible, but there is not much room before distorting, ruining it. I will see what i can do. I for example use headphones, and the sound is very loud when i want it. I have all other sounds a bit lower in the ingame settings too. Maybe also check your system volumes in windows or any autovolume features of your soundcard software, if you have any. I recommend using a soundcard for all games. Soundcards have a stronger output than for example restricted external usb soundcard solutions like for the logitech headset for example or onboard solutions. And they process sound quicker too.
  2. Try this : Pls leave a like, as it is 6 likes 4 dislikes. 4 people never played a proper open world driving game.
  3. To have headlights on permanently do this : If you are on the road, keep the light button pressed, while going into the menu and key settings. Click on the setting for headlight button, then the game will demand you to press a button. If so, just release the button. Done. Now ingame the headlights are permanently on, and turn off, when you press the button. I don't know why TDUZoqqer still replies with the coin into the buttonslit solution, but hey. This is a very old trick. And no there are no lightsources atm that actually lighten up the road. It is not coded into the game yet, because nightime was not planned when developing the game.
  4. I still need a god video for that. So long you can maybe try the F430 GT2 or F430 Turbo GT3 sound. This was my very first sound, don't judge too hard lol. By the way, i would like to adress the focus about this sound to the release thread : But there is no need to close this thread, as it still could be that someone wants to say something or ask about the process of making a sound this way. Tnx for everybody's interest downloads etc.
  5. Tnx for the like, tnx for the positive critic. In shooters smooth is not enough, so 60 frames look very smooth, but the input lag of the mouse is very high, it is like rubberbanding. I found out keeping a factor of 60 when capping frames, this stays smooth, having no microstuttering at all. So 120 are smooth like 60 but with a way more crisp aim. This is not like that in every game. There are games where the aim is crisp at 60 too. Especially with the new fast sync option for the vsync in Nvidea profile inspector. Good luck getting this Ferrari .
  6. I post to you here again because i cannot write you a private mail. It says my inbox is full, i am at 240 % of what is allowed at the moment, because i kept very old messages. I don't know what to delete, so i write here. The mod is ready. I hope you like it.
  7. Click on the release link, and then click on the download button directly under date, filesize, downloads, and comments. After the first click, a page that has nothing to do with the download maybe opens. Just close that, and click again ond the download button. Then it should be a normal download. If that doesn't work, click on the file that is attached directly under the release link.
  8. For peops that don't look at the soundmod section .
  9. Release : https://www.file-upload.net/download-13749587/F612_audio.zip.html Release : F612_audio.zip For Platinum drivers, rename the file to 458_Ita_audio, for it to change the sound of the Ferrari Italia in there. I dont know for the cabrio version. Just ask in the Platinum thread. The file goes to this folder Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Sound\Vehicules. Do a backup copy of the original sound ,or rename it adding ''backup'' into the name, if you maybe don't like my sound, and want the old one back later, simply rename the old one back to the old name, after deleting, renaming, or removing my soundmod.
  10. Leave a like on youtube if you like it pls. Someone disliked, and i am about to cry now .
  11. Tnx man, cool you can post here. I thought wip threads are read only. Now it is better i find. Pre release link for testers in first post. Enjoy.
  12. I found the problem for the inputs didn't work correctly ( hitting shift button 3 times for it to work ). It was the framerate limit set to 120 fps. The input doen't like that. I added -vsync in the TDU shortcut properties behind the TestDriveUnlimited.exe'' -vsync. Changed the framerate limiter in NvideaProfileInspector to 60. I have vsync method fast sync active. Now everything is AWESOME ingame. I am not sure if i continue with this project today or in a few days, as i am still a bit exhausted from that over 8 hours streaming. Tnx for the ride everybody. See ya next time.
  13. Tnx a lot. I still wonder what is the 458 cabrio name in my older Platinum version, because there is no 458_Ita_audio in there. But ok, i rename the final mod like so. Edit : It was the F612_audio.bnk , lol. Many game restarts later. That's part of modding.
  14. Hey. I need to know the bnk file for the Ferrari 458 Italia , as i continue working on its sound. I could not have a look into the latest content of this mod. I am too scared to install anything at the moment, because i don't know what will change all. I only want to know the bnk name for the latest version of this mod , so i can give the final mod the correct name for Platinum users. I will stream my work with future mods on Twitch. Why i didn't install the latest Platinum mod yet ? I have so many cars, of course modded. I am happy having been able to not loose any accidently after installing previous versions of Platinum, and having been able to restore changed content successfully. Of course my textures and weathers and more are modded. I am not yet in the mood controlling everything is there after installing the latest version. Also my game can not play the radio stations anymore, nore the ingame voice works now. Not even my own mic is hearable when i activate the voice feedback function. Are these things working now again ? I don't remember anymore, if the Paradise mod or the Platinum mod changed this. Well at the moment , i only need to know the F 458 Italia .bnk name. I don't even see a f458.bnk or similar in my older Platinum version, but i have the Ferrari Italia cabrio ( can't find the version with roof somehow ) in the game. Can you tell it to me please ? Tnx.
  15. I am confused. When i start TDU with the -offline tag in exe target rightclick on desktop shortcut , it loads my modded textures. But when i start TDU in online mode, it seams to load vanilla tree textures. Or is it another weather , that makes them LOOK more vanilla again ? I don't get it.
  16. Well, i will start working on the F 458 Italia Oakley Design soon . I will livestream it, and future work on car sounds too. Maybe i will even be in the TDU discord while doing so. This car sounds great. If i have a decent video with this sound, and i have the time, i will do it.
  17. For me it is working normally . Try again, pls.
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