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  1. 33 minutes ago, Kowa said:

    Good evening guys. I just installed the game, i am using universal launcher 3.6 and i am pressing to play online, the game starts fine, but when i get to the point where i press start it just enters in a kind of endless loading. Can i do something to fix that?


    I would say the official Atari online servers are down for long time now, so cannot play online. 😉
    At least as long as there won't be a community server ready to go online.

  2. In the lastet Update of the Millis Platinum patch (v, 1.12) there is a "Extra" folder, within you will find another "4gb Executables" folder.
    Backup your actual files and replace them with the ones inside that folder.
    Milli says, this may help.

    Others say, deactivating the "steering wheel" in the game launcher could help. This does not work with me or my friend.

    To us it seems, that this game crashes happen with at least some mods by Miha2795. But we haven't tested all mods by him yet.

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