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  1. @{SL}|CMR|Civic: Thank you! I'm not modding TDU anymore since TDU2 has been introduced. Last time when i worked on a Paradise Island update, things went wrong. My game does not work with high quality textures anymore. Uninstalling doesn't help. Even removing the registry settings and hidden files does not help. Only way to repair it, is by reinstalling windows. But since TDU2 came out, I simply stopped with TDU...
  2. Basicaly yes. It changes somewhat, but not much. It is a sundown, sunrise loop.
  3. @wagnerpsc & jzhang8: Thanx!:) @ all: I forgot to mention that I removed the butterfly/leafs blowing by. They are gone, but I have not deleted any files. They are still in the game, only invisible, so the game won't run any faster.:ccat:
  4. @all thanx!:) @TDUFREAK500: I would very much like to say I made the waterfall...:oook: But I cannot, its stock in TDU.:D I will show where you can find it, just a moment. edit: The house is called "kahaluu lost eden" and its here: :coolspot: You can find the waterfalls a few meters from the house. @all: V2.1 is released! Its in the 1st post. Changes: # new carlights: # extra install options to keep the stock roads/car lights/tires # bugfixes: the cactus size in the distance now always works correctly. Uninstall always works correctly now. Some other small bugfixes. # the mod uses less of your hardrive space (no maprestore anymore). Have fun! :yay:
  5. Yes you certainly can. If you know how to do it offcourse, than its no problem. Still its worth improving the mod. So I will look at it.
  6. Hello andresbo, I understand your questions. I am planning to make better xenon lights and see what I can do with the butterflies. I like the tires so they wont change. I will however look for a way to help you. Just need to find the time...;)
  7. Yes I noticed it. Little mistake from me...:o I will soon upload a correct version. ;)
  8. @ Djey and Ruby: Thanx for the compliments!:) @ Djey, I have not read the offline documentation (PDF) yet. You mean this one: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/182347/DL/TDU%20Modding%20capitalization.pdf? I will read it and give feadback if I have questions. Thanx!
  9. Spada Codatronca Vehicle replaced: Pagani Zonda SRT Converted by: StarGT Exterior Gauges : Edwin Sound: Edwin Physics: Edwin Autoinstaller/uninstaller: Edwin Model by : Forza3 Camera :Chrysler SRT-6 Coupe Features : -working mirrors -working windows -own cockpit shadow -own shadow -own dynamic shadow -COCK_LR -BODY_LR -own rims -own exterior gauges -own realistic physics -own custum made engine sound -full autoinstaller/autouninstaller This full pack is based on StarGT's made Spada Codatronca. The addition is a full autoinstaller/autouninstaller, own realistic physics, gauges which don't interfere with the gauges from the Pagani Zonda (used the Chevrolet Cobalt SS Hud becouse it is not used in the game) and a custom made engine sound. Big thanx to StarGT for making this car! :thumbsup: You can download the autoinstaller here: Filefront Spada Codatronca autoinstaller Mediafire: Spada Codatronca autoinstaller Requires Djey's Magicmap !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file if there is one!! Requires Djey's Magicmap
  10. @Rubie: very nice video! +rep:cool: May I use it for the 1st post? Thanx!:thumbsup: @wagnerpsc: You need to replace the folowing files: Within CommonWorld.bnk: cachecrossroad_detail.2db cachecrossroad_gloss.2db cacheundercrossroad_detail.2DB cacheundercrossroad_gloss.2DB goudroncrossroad_detail.2DB goudroncrossroad_gloss.2DB r_m_00.2db r4_d_00.2DB r4_d_01.2DB r4_g_00.2DB r4_g_01.2DB r5_d_00.2DB r5_g_00.2DB RoadPatch.bnk
  11. Very nice! +rep Do you mind if I make a car pack for it? (autoinstaller, sound and physics):agreed:
  12. I am sorry, but it is not allowed to send original TDU files. Beside that, I don't know which sound files you need becouse I don't edit sound files... If you know which mod creates the problem, you can try to uninstall that mod. You can also rename your TDU map in something like: Test Drive Unlimited modded After that install the game again and rename Test Drive Unlimited to: Test Drive Unlimited unmodded. Afther that you can rename you Test Drive Unlimited modded to: Test Drive Unlimited. Now you have a backup called: Test Drive Unlimited unmodded. Use that backup to fix Test Drive Unlimited. :thumbsup:
  13. @ Slylecoco: Becouse its not possible to "just do that", I made you a special installer/uninstaller for the tunnel mod. Its in the end of the 1st post. Have fun!:) @ Rabbyt: I don't really understand it, but I think you mean the sound of the breaks don't work... This mod did absolutely nothing with the sounds, so I cannot help you with that. I am sorry. You can fix it with either a replacement of the backup of the sounds or reinstalling the game... Again, this has nothing to do with the Hawaiian Paradise mod.
  14. Yes there is! The problem is within the fx.ini file. I suspect that you use other mods as well? The Fx.ini of Hawaiian Paradise 2 should be used. If you don't want to use it (becouse of other mods), you can edit the file yourself. It should have the folowing lines: HEIGHTGRASS = 0.4 WIDTHRATIOGRASS = 1.5 SIZEDELTAGRASS = 0.3 HEIGHTBUSHES = 2.8 WIDTHRATIOBUSHES = 1.0 SIZEDELTABUSHES = 0.000001 Just edit the values you have to the values above. The FX.ini is located in your Atari/testdrive map: Euro/Bnk/FX The file can be edited with the windows notepad. The most simpel solution is to just install the HP 2 mod again. Hope this solves it!:thumbsup: Edwin
  15. No, it repairs the original TDU map (to repair the black map from illusion: Island Paradise). So it is the same as the original TDU map. @ All: Thanks for the compliments!:D
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