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  1. HURR DURR. Turboduck gets the scoop. because i got the car from here. :D http://i1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb381/Stendert_Terhorst/481790_483084625048030_2073379059_n.jpg I know its a bad photo but it'll do for now. And most important. i am now a fully lisenced driver yay!.
  2. Whps, slwpok her, LOL @ dolan sig discussing. TDUcntral pls.
  3. Damn, i really miss the Deltawing
  4. If they leave the 300SEL or the 850R out im going to slap somebody. HARD
  5. Driving here with the 300 SEL or the 850 R will be awesome.
  6. You've got to be kidding me. You'll make the W109 too ? *faints* +REP Big time !
  7. The problem is, it didnt came with clear instructions. damn italians.
  8. Welcome to the HTC family camel ! [ATTACH]17643[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17645[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17646[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17647[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17648[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17649[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17650[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17651[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17652[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17653[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17654[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17655[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17656[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17657[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17658[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17659[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17660[/ATTACH] All for my 1986 Piaggio Vespa PK50 Superleggera
  9. Holy guacamole, just ordered 400 euros worth of vespa parts :omg:
  10. Stendert.

    Mb's 106 S2 Rallye.

    Get the 1.3 cilinderhead ! I love it. wanna trade for the S1 ?
  11. I played both with controller and wheel. cant tell which one is better because they are both good.
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