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  1. Hi! ti kaneis? I've been away so long, cause getted boring of TDU :D Now I think, I'm back :D
  2. Yes, I guess, also if I don't know what psn is xD
  3. You mean my psn? cause i play online only on ps3!
  4. Kalinixta, oxi, I meant, if you play online, then what's your online name, so that we can race against us :D Good Night :D
  5. Καλημερα :D Ps3-Pc are the same gameplay for me because i use ps3 controller both to play!
  6. I meant, isn't it the self, if you play with PC or PS3 online? Or is it different? Or doesn't it support it? That was my question, maybe a bit difficult :D
  7. Hey tomsolo Can you reply on your tutorial? i need your help
  8. Only on ps3, on pc i have the cracked one!
  9. Do you play TDU2 Online?
  10. I dont understand this part very well.. can you tell it more easy? what i gonna do step by step in photoshop (with dds plugin) Please cause i realy want to use that and thank you for sharing stuff like this! EDIT: I get that yellow thing, something in the alpha i am doing wrong! [ATTACH]17230[/ATTACH]
  11. Ivi Adamou - la la love I like that one :P
  12. http://forum.tdu-central.com/threads/27737-New-Hariba-Radio :DDD
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