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  1. Yes, it's true that I do share some blame, but the game autosave too dang much! Pause-autosave Go to house-autosave Go to garage-autosave, etc.
  2. I'm pretty sure it does, but it's never happened to me before. Alot of my friends have had their TDU2 data corruped so I guess this games a little less tolerant.
  3. I just discovered today that my TDU2 data is corrupted. This of course outrages me, all Iv'e worked for, all those hours, lost forever. I wanted to make this to make you all aware, DO NOT HIT THE POWER BUTTON WHILE TDU2 IS AUTOSAVING! I'll be starting a new game soon.:sulk: I can't blame Atari, Eden, or Playstation, it was my fault.
  4. That's right Boomer Sooner. Tuck Fexas
  5. OU Sooners, FTW!!!
  6. I saw an Aston Martin DB9 Volantae on vacation to Florida, and today I saw a black Corvette ZR1 on the way home.:drool:
  7. :woot: Another member from Oklahoma!
  8. It's about time Eden spoke up. This pushes me even farther in my anger with Atari. First it was that they use those thieves called Digital River to download games off their site. Because of them, I can no longer play TDU1. Never again, Atari, never...:-x
  9. The PSN is suppost to be back online this week. Lets only hope it stays that way! :p
  10. I've just gotten used to the handling issues. Doesn't even cross my mind anymore. I hope they won't have to bury 5 million returned and unsold copies in the New Mexico desert again. ;);) (E.T. the game from 1982)
  11. YESSS!! At last you can mute people!!! There is a God!:bananadance:
  12. Hmm, thats a real bummer, I was hoping they would put in the LM 002! An off roader with a Countach V12!:sulk:
  13. Mine are: Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Ferrari 612 Sessanta, Spyker D8, AC Cobra 427, Ariel Atom V8, and (most fav) Citroen 2CV!:cool:
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