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  1. Yes, it's true that I do share some blame, but the game autosave too dang much! Pause-autosave Go to house-autosave Go to garage-autosave, etc.
  2. I'm pretty sure it does, but it's never happened to me before. Alot of my friends have had their TDU2 data corruped so I guess this games a little less tolerant.
  3. I just discovered today that my TDU2 data is corrupted. This of course outrages me, all Iv'e worked for, all those hours, lost forever. I wanted to make this to make you all aware, DO NOT HIT THE POWER BUTTON WHILE TDU2 IS AUTOSAVING! I'll be starting a new game soon.:sulk: I can't blame Atari, Eden, or Playstation, it was my fault.
  4. OU Sooners, FTW!!!
  5. I saw an Aston Martin DB9 Volantae on vacation to Florida, and today I saw a black Corvette ZR1 on the way home.:drool:
  6. It's about time Eden spoke up. This pushes me even farther in my anger with Atari. First it was that they use those thieves called Digital River to download games off their site. Because of them, I can no longer play TDU1. Never again, Atari, never...:-x
  7. The PSN is suppost to be back online this week. Lets only hope it stays that way! :p
  8. I've just gotten used to the handling issues. Doesn't even cross my mind anymore. I hope they won't have to bury 5 million returned and unsold copies in the New Mexico desert again. ;);) (E.T. the game from 1982)
  9. YESSS!! At last you can mute people!!! There is a God!:bananadance:
  10. Hmm, thats a real bummer, I was hoping they would put in the LM 002! An off roader with a Countach V12!:sulk:
  11. Mine are: Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Ferrari 612 Sessanta, Spyker D8, AC Cobra 427, Ariel Atom V8, and (most fav) Citroen 2CV!:cool:
  12. I've been hearing rumors that there may be a Lamborghini DLC pack coming out in the near future. I really don't know what to think.:confused: Would they really put a new brand in a game after not doing so in the first place?:hmmm: I happen to think its a bunch of lies and stories, but who knows... Anyone who has any info or comments please post!
  13. WHAT?! inFamous was epic! What don't you like about it?:confused:
  14. I can't wait! I've been a Sucker Punch fan since Sly Cooper 1. From the trailers I've seen, it appears Cole will have the powers of Fire (bad karma) and Ice (good karma). You can levetate almost anything not bolted down and throw it at enemys. Also Zeke will be returning. Cole now will get assistance by a mysterious woman (don't have a name), she appears to have gotten powers like Cole did. Your karma can be transfurred from the first game so you don't have to start all over again (optional). I've gotten all this info from trailers and various web sites so there may be changes later on. Still can't wait!!!:D
  15. Thanks, oh and i got the DLC cars to work, you just have to sign out, and they'll be in the used car dealor, so now I have a Veyron Centaire and SS!:coolspot: Edit: I'll send you an invite if you don't mind, black.
  16. Not for me they haven't, are you on PS3?
  17. Well ya guys it's not the best sound in the world, but remember what the 430 sounded like in TDU1? How about the Aston DB9,hmm? I'm just happy they made it a little better, better than the sort of hummmmnnmoooowaaaaaaiiieeeeeeeeehhhummm from the past.
  18. I'm really wanting to start a new club, but some people are using exploits so Atari shut them down, as I'm sure you all know. Anyone know what hackers were doing? Hope they are up and running soon. BTW: Has anyone been able to get DLC since they did that? I cant....
  19. Ok thanks, I checked and it is DLC. I pe-ordered the game from Wal-Mart.com and I guess my addon is a Veyron SS!:coolspot::hsquad::chewy::pf::bunny:
  20. Does anyone know where the Casino is? I've looked everywhere but can't find it.:(
  21. Haha, I heard about this glitch, I think it's only been reported on the Xbox though, hmm.
  22. Does anyone know where the Casino is? I really wanna get there and work some magic!:bunny:
  23. Glad to know someone had the same prob. as me to, I'm still shocked Atari uses DR for this kind of stuff, after all, they where basicly the starter company for video games(I think, like Pong).:D Well, that didn't work, I hope i find the solution to this soon before I shoot the compuer or something. [mod edit:] Please don't double post, use the edit button, thanks!
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