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  1. Unfortunately Project Paradise was hosted in the OVH data center that burned down last night, i don't know if or when it will be back online yet.
  2. Somewhere in the encrypted ini files it sets the server to orb.testdriveunlimited.com. '-orb newurl.com' parameter just override this at runtime, great if anyone can get them server binaries. if not then maybe an idea if people start saving packet logs in these last days just incase anyone could reverse them? Speeder i only found one other option but i'm not sure what it does, it is '-vbl' you can enable some debug menus with other ways but they seem a bit broken, also output all the debug strings to text file with a little work
  3. there's no need to hex edit or decrypt any files to change the server tdu connects to, use '-orb' command line parameter instead
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