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  1. Don't be so glorious about this. This DLC are very small and not improve anything (on PC) 2 new cars and STILL NO BIKES!!! Who need this dlc anyway ??? also need wait so long for what ??? FOR NOTHING in summary >:<
  2. Don't care about modders right now. Since Atari starts to support game and release dlc one (explorationa pack1) which gives some lame cars, couple missions and seriously thats all to seen (dont say notking about bike dealers -still under construct.). Bugs are still not solved (still gfx are not so smooth than can be), so this dlc must be FOR FREE because it gives.... almost nothing. So the second DLC might be some in 2012??? (there will be add bikes then)
  3. O!! Really!. Of course in offline but i dont know how to do it. Could You tell me . Thanks. Also about the weather - can be changed in game (of course in offline mode)??
  4. Are there any program or trainer that can make change day time in game or weather ? maybe somebody know it is possible to do it ?
  5. Yeah !!! :D with no problem :) If You want, just write me on PM and i will do this. I thinking about to make a exe file were be patch the original exe (with "depatching" function ;-)) writing it in .NET.
  6. Like everybody :/ You can write just simple few words describing how to do it. I know something about hexedit so i can do a tutorial by myself (of course with You in credits ):)
  7. jesuswasblack & TDUFREAK500 You both have absolutelly right !!! I hate this AI cars at all. I want too to drive normally (even with normal traffic) like stop at the red lights etc but AI ruined at all. Online play is wrong to me too (simple - I don't have internet, LAN in my PC at home :sulk:. I don't think that is possible to remove them from game. Maybe there are some files in gamedir need to modify (hacked) but i don't have idea which is could be but maybe in /Euro/Bnk/dataBase/AIConfig.xml :confused: Anyway, no idea how to do this :cry: Maybe only deleting files in vehicules
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