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  1. thank you for using mediafire, you are my hero!
  2. i agree with him on this, why use depositfiles when you can use mediafire for free, most of the persons who are ofcourse not going to buy a month deposit premium can download it without waiting and no limitations, and why do you have to register on the russian site, it is like forcing people to register just to get the registers, i will never be on that site anyway, so what is your point in all this.
  3. wont it catch fire like all of them do?
  4. I think it wont because The Crew isnt a game like TDU, what i like the most about TDU is the realism, in The Crew there is not as much of that as in TDU, I know The Crew isnt going to be a better game to me than the TDU series.
  5. The immense respect for you doing this from me is higher than i can reach, as a programmer i know this is hard work, and for nothing asswell (no money). You (everyone who workd on this) should really get more appreciation for this work. And now it makes me wonder, what kind of job do you do? Immense respect and thanks for the patch.
  6. It is absolutely a great mod, but the only thing that bugs me is the hands of your character, while steering the hands go through the steering wheel. Hopefully you are able to fix that.
  7. reupload please? the links on the linked forum dont work (weird scentence i know)
  8. is or may there be a possibility to make a rocket bunny kit version of this brz. I would really like to see it because it is a beast of a bodykit [ATTACH]20031[/ATTACH]
  9. oo okey, its still a really well done mod, cant disagree on that one
  10. i have a question, this isnt the right interior right? or is it.
  11. the exterior is not really hamann exept for the spoilers right? or is that just me?
  12. for me there is only one problem, in the cockpit when the car is idling or driving on low RPM than there is a little like pipe thing that vibrates. The vibrating is part of the engine when idling and lalalala. but thats a bug ive found.
  13. Really nice mod, probs to you sir
  14. looks like a well done mod, testing it now
  15. i have this same problem please help
  16. i had this problem to what i did is just copy all the tdu2 files to drive D: and than unpack it. BUT! Make sure all the big_files are in there because it didn't vopy it to mine in the first place --- Post Updated --- Allright. I have a new pc and on my old pc it worked all fine i unpacked it and modded it. Now after a lot of trying I finally unpacked the game ( had to copy tdu2 from C: to D: drive). All the folders are there and now I have the Universal Launcher. I start the game and it doesn't start up it imedietly gives an error. Can someone help me? Is it because i now have 2 tdu2 rootfolders on my pc? or what is it?
  17. Just got a new computer wich is running win8 so hope it works
  18. Thanks, i have tested many different settings and everything you explained where the best. The only thing is that even with these settings in a corner it goes allmost on its side. Do you know what the problem is for this
  19. Is it possible to make the suspension stiffer with TDUPE or anything else. Because i have installed the ford f150 raptor mod and i have made the car much higher. And now it is like an wobbly bobby car and i don't really like that. Whenever I accelerate the only thing I see is the sky. (not really but something like that) And braking sends me right into the ground so that's quite a problem to me. Is it solvable?
  20. I did this to with TDUPE and all i did was I took a car that already drifted a minor bit like the corvette zo6 or viper. And just lower the grip and give it lots and lots of power. I tested and changed until i got the right settings and that made my drifting machine. I think its also important to have enough tork. because when youre going sideways and you haven't got enough tork it wil cause the car to slow down and just stop going sideways and just go forward.
  21. I have no clue what you mean by this. can you please explain a little more what you mean?
  22. How long unpacking takes depends on the speed of your computer. But as Donnie said more info at his link he send you
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