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  1. Note: Instead of paying for more licenses, ATARI should help EDEN getting more workers. I don't know how many guys work at EDEN but when I imagine it, I see four malnutritioned workers in a 18th century house in the center of Lyon just sweating all day, working on patches!
  2. I know most of people really enjoy Super Sport cars the most, and TDU2's concept goes around being a successful and rich person who can afford those exotic cars. In my opinion the thing with super sports cars is that they are represented in every single game on the market and they get really boring. Right now my question/idea is if probably we shouldn't have more "normal" cars? I think TDU2 is the only game with the background and online world to make this happen and actually work. I would like more Sedans, more SUVs, more Japanese Imports. This is not NFS but having like more normal cars with further tuning options, mostly for acceleration and speed would really spice up the online competition. I think cruising around in a car that from the outside seems pretty boring and slow but really the top work is inside the bonnet would be very exciting. Personally I prefer to cruise around in a Sedan rather than in an Exotic Car. I would suggest more tuning, deeper tuning, really building your car from scratch, take it to the open road and surprise your friends. I think this would come nicely with a Hardcore Physics DLC/Update. Being able to buy pieces for your car's interior, different suspensions, editing your gearbox, add new tyres, etc... and get your very personalized vehicle into the streets to challenges people. This isn't something for right now, but later on I think this would make the game more interesting and would really give a special meaning to those nights on the highway. Please comment on this and give me your opinions!:thumbsup:
  3. Places: Sohodolls Right And Right Again (Photography place) Radio: Ellie Goulding Under the Sheets Jakwob Remix
  4. Every time this matter is brought back... its really painful. Lamborghini has some of thee most beautiful and sought after cars, everyone knows that. So I would give somee serious money of my own as a donation to help them get it. I would be happy to have Maserati back too but... Its not confirmed but I also guess Lambos won't make it to TDU2. So I wanted to express my rage against this injustice. Man, these guys try to make a great game and add all the fans favourite cars and they get bashed by these stupid licensing issues. Sincerely, those buttheads at BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini and Maserati should be flattered to have their cars in TDU2. Unfortunately money continues to block EDEN from overtaking all other racing games in quality and variety. A shame that it has to be like that!:mad:
  5. I can't thank you enough guys!:thumbsup: Great help!:dance:
  6. Thank you guys for the info! I'll check it out as soon as I can!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  7. Hi Guys! I have discovered every road in both Ibiza areas but I don't go past 99%. I've spend the last freaking 4 hours looking at the map, every inch, every dead end, everything and its all discovered, every freeway exit, every tunel, I just don't get it. Please if anyone can help me with this or got the same problem please help!:cry:
  8. I don't wanna be off topic or against anyone, mainly because I am the first to complain about this game but we should give this game a chance, cause I think its worth it. In fact its the only reason I come here to comment and start threads. I don't do that with any other video game, and you know why? Cause this is the only game that can really reach perfection. TDU2 has great ideas, a big environment and a strong and united community. Playing the game, getting used to it, coming to the forums to share your doubts, like and dislikes, buying th DLCs, its all important to make TDU2 a better experience. Going back to TDU1 is not the answer to TDU2's problems. I keep on playing cause I see the potential and I see the talent in EDEN to deliver new patches and DLC that can really improve the overall experience. Yes, TDU2 sucks, its buggy, glitchy, frustrating, unfinished, whatever... its the new TDU and we need to focus on it rather than going back to TDU1. I think we must avoid the spread of this rising movement of abandoning TDU2 and going back to TDU1.
  9. I don't believe I am insulting no one. Its just that every single time I start a thread a bunch of guys come around and just ruin it. Okay I started bad, I complained every time but now I am trying to ask questions and start some discussions, maybe some polls or something. Unfortunately I am getting bashed by the same people all the time, people who judge me for my first posts. People that have no right nor reason to do so. Relating to the topic, I think its kind of bad that Events for example pay so miserably. Man, I did some calculating and you need about 60 million $ to buy everything, that is just unreachable. If events paid like 50.000 or 100.000 it would be better. Plus you should be able to compete in the Championships again, maybe not the Cups but at least there should be a way to get more money or faster. This isn't something that came out of my mouth, a lot of fans are complaining about this, but of course, whenever I complain... my GOD its like I talked ill of someone's mother, and that is what I am referring to above.
  10. I hope we are able to do that. Right now with all the progress and levels... every time I play the game I am thinking like "OMG, what if this save file gets damaged or smth?". I will try to start a new game and backup that file, delete the main file and copy the backup to see if it works. It would be really nice.
  11. Seriously, what is "old" in this thread? I was just asking if save games were incompatible or not. After knowing the answer I just said that for people who may experience problems with the save files or the console itself, the block would not let them back up their files. Plus my opinion of what should be done to earn more money in TDU2. Unfortunately, the "old" ones were able to turn my thread into a freaking hell. So, if my posts are all complains, which isn't true, if all my threads are the same, why do the same guys keep posting over and over, instead of just not reading my threads at all? You don't like my threads, don't read them, don't come here and post the same shut ups all over again to ruin my thread. I was trying to get people to talk about whether save files should be blocked or not. But now you've completely ruined my thread by attacking me. Just like you have done with most of my thread. Seriously, go drown yourselves. I am writing about a VIDEO GAME not your mothers!
  12. Yes:D of course some people would. The thing is, this is not all about cheating or not. Just imagine: -I am playing TDU2 for a full year. I have completed everything multiple times, I have 29 million $. Now I can buy pretty much what I want. So my PS3 bluray reader gets damaged and I make a backup file of every game. I get my new console and I can now enjoy all my games again, but when I copy my TDU2 file, they say it doesn't appear to be mine. So its all screwed up! This is improbable, but its possible, and as many cheaters as there can be out there... I think that honest people's corrupt or incompatible save games are worth enough to stop that blocking. Even without anything happening, if I do complete like 1000 Hawaii Cup 2 speed challenges and I get lots of money. I'll be worried every time I play the game, because I know the save file can get corrupted or not work if I copy it. I think its just stupid and irresponsible to block save games, specially since (at least on the Xbox360) they don't even work properly. My personal opinion, is that EDEN really has to end this blocking. Cheating can be seen as bad, but its up to the people that are playing the game, not the developers. Besides, copying save games isn't cheating at all since it can be for backup.
  13. You can call that cheating. I call that making up for EDEN's stupid decision of not having enough challenges/events or not awarding enough money in each of them. Right now I pretty much did everything and I have 10 million $, that is almost not enough to buy a Hawaii Yacht and a Koenigsegg. Not that those are my priorities but its an example. The best challenge to win money is the Hawaii Cup 2 Speed Challenge which awards $20.000. Well I would have to repeat that challenge 2500 times to be able to buy all things. First of all, there is no right to block save games since one may need to backup the save file. Second, there wouldn't be a need to copy the save files if EDEN had thought of letting people win the 5 million $ in the Hawaii Cup again. If all Championships and Cups awarded the full prize all over again, no one would even think of cheating, copying files or complaining about lack of ways to make money.
  14. ;) I was banned from the official forums... like most people:D. Personally, I don't think its a great idea, when you need... -$ 20,821,363 to buy all cars -$ 36,391,350 to buy all houses -TOTAL: $ 57,212,713 to buy all cars & houses. plus Tuning Options, Clothes, Furniture, Stickers, etc... ...specially because throughout all the games challenges & events you win about $ 15,000,000 minus the money you have to spend on cars to do challenges and houses to park them, you get about $10,000,000. So why would EDEN block the Save Files if you only get 10 millions to buy your dream houses and cars, but to buy it all you need 60 million? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  15. Hi! I tried several times to copy my save file to other profiles (PS3) and when I start the game it reads "This Save File doesn't appear to be yours..." and it doesn't let me use it. This is kind of awkward because this worked in every other game I have. I also tried to copy the save file to an USB flash drive to use as backup file, but when I copy it back it says the save file isn't mine and I can't use it. So my doubt being if this is something that only happens on the PS3, plus if there is any way to change it and make it work. :confused:
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