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  1. i agree i love them old mercs my mother used to have one :D
  2. yes i had the same problem so i just did a new install i deleted every thing :D and the game works fine
  3. Nobody panic your not going to get banned only if you use money hack the servers are funny one min they down then up and it makes you think your banned i am not going to unpack my game for a bit as Atari will make a patch soon i think after this new DLC so i will wait to see what happens
  4. i only had 3 car rims in the game for my Mercedes nothing else i only have rims for my SLR also i was playing online last night with the rims i only did a new install because the new DLC when i got that message the server was down i was thinking it was because the mod rims i downloaded from here but it was not that at all also my game is working fine i only have 12 million 2 cars and 2 houses after playing this game for a year half and i never used any hack only the rims that are better then the game ones ;-) i think they are going after money hack people and
  5. how do i go back to using the game launcher from steam what files do i need to fix its really funny i can still play online with the Universal Launcher [v1.5] [Final] but the DLC is coming ---------- Post added at 21:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 21:12 PM ---------- now its downloading the 489 update again TDU2DLCEXPLOvo17.big part again so do i delete the back up folder now
  6. i can confirm my game is still working fine with the unpack the only thing that made it crash was a mod car if i took it to the paint shop and make my own color the game will crash with the mod car but if i buy the mod car from the dealer and change the paint before i buy then its fine the game works fine but i took the car out of the game so now i have no mods in my game the only car i want is a car i paid for the Mercedes 350 SL its the car of my dreams this is the only reason i have my game unpacked for that car if i send the model to Atari and they put it in the game then i will
  7. yep that looks great one of the few cars i love 70s cars rock good work man very good the Lamborghini Countach and a 70s 911 Porsche and a Mercedes ;)450 SL they are the only cars i love and you just made one thanks ;-)
  8. yes wire rims they can go on a car i am working on also the 300 sl and some other cars [ATTACH]17449[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17450[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17451[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17452[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17453[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17454[/ATTACH]
  9. every time i go to play the game i cant get online i get this problem with the universal launcher [ATTACH]17446[/ATTACH]
  10. yes i only wanted help i just install again then unpack again
  11. hello i forgot to back up this car SLK 55 because i put the Mercedes 500 SL car mod in the game to replace it and the 500 sl has a night bug so i want to put back the SLK but i dont want to install my game all over again then have to unpack it can somebody send me the 2 SLk CAR Files thanks :) next time i must back up every file in case car mod has a bug :D
  12. ok i fixed it when i take the 500 sl to sticker shop to paint it game crashes i just wont take a mod car sticker shop ;-)
  13. great rims man thanks for your hard work ;-) [ATTACH]17336[/ATTACH][ATTACH]17337[/ATTACH] what about 500SL. Authentic Brabus 18 rims or the Lorinser Rims for 82 500SL euro [ATTACH]17338[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]17339[/ATTACH] you can see all the best Mercedes rims here Mercedes Benz Gallery
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