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  1. I will send you a test version that is being debugged.
    Open "Miscellaneous"-"Misc items"-"Others" and enter "0" in the "Duplicate car" field. The Duplicate car setting will be canceled when you click "Apply".
    NOTE: In this version, export / import for CSV files does not work properly.

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    2. binbow


      Thank you for the report. It may be a bug that the name cannot be changed immediately after deduplication. I will add it in the survey target list. 

    3. SLBenfica4ever


      well, the car wasn't duplicated in the first place. I don't know exactly what happened, I had removed the duplicated tag on the first few cars, I don't remember if I closed the game or not before trying to add a new modded car. After getting this error I closed the game, and then after a few hours went back into the VPE, at least to see if I could still change performance, files, etc, even if the name change wouldn't work, but then the name change was working fine. I can't say if it was a program error or if I had messed up somewhere else by mistake. But at least since then everything seems to be working fine, new modded cars don't have issues, removing the duplicated tag is still working, and changing performance and stuff doesn't have any problem in game.

    4. SLBenfica4ever


      Okay after a week I need to say something. It might be a coincidence, but now after using those same cars some more, I've noticed they're the only ones with some issues. Other cars feel correct and with the performance (power, acceleration) but these ones that used to be duplicate cars still look like they've retained some of the original caracteristics. For example one of the cars replaced the 599 China edition, and despite editing the performance to fit the new car that is A4 class, it accelerates way faster than it should and hits top speed in like 13 seconds. The other car that replaced the Audi Q7, is super slow, 0-100km/h is over 10 seconds, when I put it 5.3s and correct gearing. I don't know if I've done something wrong somewhere that I've not noticed yet, but everything else looks alright. Changing gearing and performance still didn't work, other than top speed, that is applied to the car correctly, but I don't know exactly what's wrong. Other cars I've not noticed anything wrong with them, no issue like this one yet.

  2. Certainly, if you're looking for feedback I'd be happy to provide as well.
  3. Hello, I've been using this tool to replace vanilla cars with modded ones and modify their performance to reflect the new car's performance. But I've noticed some cars have their performance tied to another, similar car. Examples are the Solar Crown editions for example (Lotus Evora and the Mercedes 300 SL), they share the base model's performance respectively, the Q7 Inuit having the same as the base Q7, and the 8C Spider having the same performance as the 8C Competizione. I suspect a lot more cars have this issue, like the "boss" cars (Miami Mustang, etc), and other cars with special edition
  4. i think the link is broken, it says it couldnt find the files pls help this mod looks awesooooooooooooooooome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Where can i find the TDUeditor? Or is a part of TDU modding Tools?
  6. OMG, look from post 30 to post 60 to see the new links to download the TT-RS! Jesus, read all posts before posting, otherwise u just look like idiotic
  7. Please put a pic of that camaro truck it must look awesome!:hsquad:
  8. thank god for tool and hes RUF-removing Porsches :) i already have the 911 GT2 instead of the RT12 and now i have the GT3-RS to remove the RTurbo. Im just waiting for a 911 speedster for the RGT and a boxster S Spyder for the RKspyder! *fingers crossed*
  9. Good work tool what i ever wanted was a focus on tdu, but i have to ask, since we're in 2011, are u planing to release a 09 focus rs (and/or the focus rs500)? gj anyways. [mod edit:] Please do not post requests in threads that don't ask for them. Use the Mod Requests forum instead if you have permission to do so.
  10. Tool, just to know, what are the diferences between the tdu z06 and ur z06?
  11. Ok two questions- What is HDR? and Where can I find the cars from the video?
  12. Add Corrado Add Galant Add VR6 Add DeLorean S2 Add Zenvo Add ST1 Add DBS Add Reventón Add MT900S Add Sierra Add S331 Add Ram Add DUB Edition Add Civic Add SI Add E36 Fix CHALL_71 to Challenger 1971 Add GNX Add Chevelle Add Nova Add Monte Carlo Add Boss 302 Add Boss 429 Add El Dorado Add TSX Add IROC-Z Add S60 Add Kowalski Add Cyclon Add Rallye-Edition Add C63 AMG Add California Add 7 CSR260 Add RS200 Evolution Add GT MF5 Add TT-RS Add Aventador LP700-4 Add Stratos HF Add Sport Quattro Add TT 1.8T quattro Sport Add
  13. nice car, but can some1 pls tell me where to put the phisics file .tdupk? id be apreciated
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