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  1. great for editing textures etc. im now making hq environment textures, thank you. cant wait so we can change performance and vehicle names!
  2. nice interior, this was a nice contribution to tdu central. downloading now...
  3. nice. i like the startup.
  4. New forza 4 sound! Updated from FORZA 4 not TDU1, Just for you, Bozickovic.
  5. Yeah, but I wanted to make a sound mod that could replace the zr1's default sound, and this does the trick. I'll convert the FM4's sound just for you though...
  6. Hey bro, i like your sound mods, they may not be great sometimes(like twice maybe) , but you've inspired me to try sound modding.
  7. Hopefully if they can squeeze in a lotus exige and a Mazda RX-8 R3, I will be impressed (along with a handling update)
  8. A Corvette ZR1 sound mod Converted form Forza 4!!! :coolspot: NEW FM4 Converted SOUND!!! Corvette ZR1 FM4 Sound.zip To Install: Copy to bnk\sound\vehicules Make sure you turn up volume, i didnt use fraps. ****OLD FILE**** Corvette ZR1 Sound.zip
  9. TDU2 Corvette ZR1 sound I've made a ZR1 sound mod based off of his mod and forza 4, ill post it sometime
  10. TDUMT Thanks for the tool! Cant wait for one for tdu2!
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