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  1. Is it laggy internet connection from your or his end? That often causes cars to jump. Although I do know what happened to the cars on the grid in TDU1. If not...well, it could just be the Zonda's just that quick... ;)
  2. Yep...I have this issue. Confusing lol
  3. Awwwwww poor Perez. First race, he does brilliantly and then gets disqualified. Not fair! I want F1's engine regulations to go back to the 80's. Then you could have a massive turbo on a 1.5 litre 4 cylinder!
  4. Saw an RR Ghost a few days ago...in school car park :eek: And an Aston DBS in someone's driveway. Neighbour has an AMV8, someone at school has a Bently Conti GT and another has a new Porsche Cayenne (ewwwww)
  5. So GT5 cars in TDU? Sounds good, if it were ever to happen (which it won't) :sulk:
  6. I saw videos of a guy playing on a PS3 and he was able to buy all the pre-order cars. He was a Polish player, but when I go on the PSN store they are not avaliable. Confused... (UK player on PS3)
  7. I use sport mode for drifts as Hardcore makes you spin all the time (but maybe thats just me)
  8. Well, you're not going to race the Beetle and 2CV, are you?
  9. Follow the Leader races are quite funny sometimes lol
  10. Air brakes on Veyron, MP4-12C and (possibly) SLR do not function.
  11. OK thx [E] I guess it is the same with the Tricolore :(
  12. So I was looking on the TDU2 website and found the DLC store, only it had no Veyron SS. Does anyone know where to download it?
  13. The DB9 in TDU2 seems to like starting huge tankslappers coming out of corners, even with traction control on. :confused:
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