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  1. Good to hear, maybe something got messed up in the time is was running and it just needed a fresh start.


    The camera shakes should be disabled in both interior view and hood view if its checked.


    I do have another update planned, after a bit of work I got the TrackIR stuff to work really smooth now, it was a bit jittery before and I've cured it using threads like the one I made for NFS SHIFT. Just trying to get any other gremlins gone before the next release, I really want to put this one to bed.

  2. There is something wrong in latest version 1.31.


    When I switch to my custom interior view I seee default for 0.5s then it changes to my custom one, also steering response has lag. I didn't have it on 1.30 version.


    And as I mentioned, please give us an option to save hood camera as well. I use it to mvoe back to interior for most of the cars to have proper wheel height.


    Could this be done?



    the delay (100ms) for the camera switch is intended because it saves cpu cycles for TrackIR updates.


    for steering lag, try setting the tdu2cam.exe priority to Normal in task manager. Version 1.3.1 sets to Above Normal by default, this may be the reason if you're on an older PC.


    The Hood camera settings should save just as other cams. If you mean its not saving for other cars, then you must use numpad 7 to apply to all cars.


    @Veno, I never got any donation.. to donate, use the Donate button on my 'news' page under Recommended Sites.

  3. Thanks guys, I think I've got all the issues nailed down now..


    1.3.1 is now available at the same link


    3/9/11 v1.3.1


    Fixed player missing head with external views

    Fixed issues with Bumper Cam

    Fixed issues with Look Back button

    Improved TrackIR performance slightly

    TrackIR stuff is now only enabled in Bonnet or Cockpit view

    Increased scroll bar max value to 30



    Also I've fixed the TrackIR Limits , forgot to put that in there.


    Download TDU2CAM v1.3.1



    let me know if you find any more gotcha's, I cant fix them unless you tell me!


    going to finish working on my NFS Hot Pursuit mod now :)

  4. v1.3 is up!




    3/9/11 v1.3


    Fixed angle problems

    Fixed CarID problems

    Fixed problems with Disable SteerLook unchecked

    Added Disable HeadMove (stops gforce effects in cockpit camera except when crashing)

    Added Use Limits (forces limits with TrackIR, 90 degrees angle and 0.05 translate)

    Added Yaw, Pitch hotkeys

    Added ability to adjust FOV

    Now works with external cameras again (fov adjustments and saving apply)

    Camera now moves with time rather than frames

    Sped up camera movement slightly

    Save file was shrunk (delete your old on if you still have it)

    Original camera settings are restored after program is closed or car/camera is changed

    Uses less memory

    Added game info text


    Download TDU2CAM v1.3

  5. v1.2 is up!






    2/26/11 v1.2


    Added TrackIR support


    Added save feature

    -each car can have its own setting or you can make them all the same

    -cameras are saved to tdu2cam.sav file when the window is closed

    -do not reload the camera hack unless you reload TDU2 first


    Added option to disable SteerLook

    Now works only for interior cams

    Fixed WinXP issues

    Automatically asks for admin rights if UAC is enabled on Win7


    Download TDU2 Camera Hack v1.2



    By the way, I tested this using just my webcam and FaceTrackNoIR its a pretty neat app and if you have a webcam and a face, its definitely worth checking out. Although TrackIR has a lot faster response time, this works good enough for me and best part is its free and no headgear required! !

  6. @Racer_S


    thank´s a lot

    i prefer the hood camera but annoyingly its in the middle of the car. Now thank´s to you i can put it on the wheel side.


    I'm wondering, is there a chance you can get rid of the camera moving around in cockpit view ?



    bdw first post :D


    temporary solution for the cockpit camera moving around is to switch to bonnet view and move the camera inside the car for a cockpit view, takes a bit of time but it will stop the camera from moving




    I am working on an update to solve issues with WinXP and adding ability to save custom cameras. Also new version will automatically ask for administrator rights (UAC dialog will pop)


    Its taking a bit longer than usual because I started this project from scratch. Also I'm using managed C++ which seems to have more issues than C# :o

  7. Just a basic app I made to move the camera around in TDU2, usually I make these programs more elaborate with yaw pitch roll and customizeable hotkeys but I'm trying some new things in the version and wondering if its working so far. Right now you can adjust camera seat position and move the exterior cams closer/further.





    Download: TrackIR and Camera Hack v1.3


    It should work for the first version of the game (unpatched)




    DO NOT USE THIS ONLINE you might get your account flagged for cheating

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