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  1. As far as I can remember, you only need to buy Atari-tokens at the TDU2 site. Then go in-game and buy the DLC2 car/bike at the dealership. Hope this helps.
  2. yeaah... Can we do a mini-cruise tomorrow instead? I'm watching the world cup final.
  3. Personally I would say around 8 pm GMT+1 (Exile's timezone). But does this fit you guys?
  4. Hey Z Yep, we should definitely meet up tonight. Hopefully Exile will be able to join us, and maybe some other people aswell. I'll add you in-game later today. The only problem we have is the different time zones. But we will figure it out.
  5. I really hope that's not the case... if it is, I guess I'll have to wait for "The Crew". oh, I've added you on TDU
  6. Hey all I'm going on vacation next week, and I will therefore not be cruising with you guys :( If there is some wifi, I'll check the forums.
  7. Is that really you?!? First of all, what a coincidence! I was just looking to play some TDU2 after a while, and happened to see a post of URA. Second of all, count me in, I would love to get in cruise mode again ;)
  8. count me in. bringing the harley XD if it is to slow then Ducati RR or the Corvette. U decide Ghost :)
  9. I'll join both of them aswell. I might not be able to show up each event, but i will try. Maybe we could use teamspeak to talk together, when we are crusing.
  10. i dont know when the next cruise is gonna be. But there hasnt been any cruise the last weeks, because the gaming level on tdu2 has dropped very much recently.
  11. apperently they are all dead;) But im wondering too. Where are you all? On vacation???
  12. lucky for you;) hehe me and dvd have decided that im the second leader;)):)
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